Too Late to train my dogs to go outside ?

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Arrow Too Late to train my dogs to go outside ?

I have 5 indoor smalls dogs. They have always used the bathroom indoors. As old as they are now would i be able to train them to let me know when they want out to go ? If not at least train them to go in one spot indoors. I have tried those training pads and they woould only urinate on them.
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That old adage about old dogs not being able to learn new tricks isn't true. It does take longer, though.
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I would say get them crates. Small enough so that they only have room to turn around and lay down. Don't put water, potty pad, or food in the crate. Be consistent about letting them out often enough to go pee. Don't let them roam the house until you've taken them out to pee and only if you can be watching them. As soon as they start sniffing, put them back out. It's tough to do this with dogs that you are so attached to because you kind of feel bad. That's why it's easier to do it with puppies, but it'll work on older dogs too. It'll be tough the first few weeks, but well worth it as it does work to train them. Just be consistent and vigilent of them. That's so great that you're trying to get them trained.

Good Luck,
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Hi Strange,

These methods work well for adult dogs too.

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my vet told us that it can be confusing a traumatising to retrain an old dog depending on your methods. Scolding your animal will confuse it for the first little while... Think about it.. How would you feel if all of a sudden at the age of.. lets say 40.. you r mother started to yell at you for using the toilet in the bathroom.. confusing yes. But this is our vets advice. I am only passing it on. Hops you are succesful )
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Sounds like the dogs are the alpha of your household, not you. Older dogs take more time, patience, and persistence, but training can be done. Until dogs are trained, it is best to not let them have free range of the home. Multiple dog household pose many challenges. Each needs its individual food and water bowls and kennels. Dogs should be placed in kennels if they can not be closely supervised and watched for indications of the need to eliminate. Obedience training would be advisable. There are trainers who specialize in multi-dog households.

Training should begin with the most dominant dog. Dogs are naturally pack animals who follow the leader. In multi-pet households there is often competition for territory. The dominate dog will eliminate in areas where other dogs eliminate in order to show dominance. Remember, it is YOU who should be dominant and in charge not the dogs. But, you must support the dominance of the dominant dog.

Dogs live in your house. You do not live in a dog house. Dogs must be introduced to the potty area in the landscape. Take them out frequently on a leash to the potty area. Praise each time they eliminate and provide a treat. It may work best taking one out at a time, beginning with the dominant dog. Have a regular elimination schedule, as you do with feeding and watering. First thing in the morning, after meals, after play, and at night before bed. Place dogs in kennel at night. Do not feed or water before bed. It is your responsibility to prevent the accidents. Never punish a dog for your failure to prevent the accidents.

Carpeting can not be replaced until dogs are trained. In the meantime, steam clean with an enzyme digester deodorizer/cleaner to minimize odors. Urine that has soaked into carpet cushion can not be cleaned. Clean all areas affected by dogs' elimination with enzyme digester cleaner. These are sold at pet stores as pet mess cleaners, but are also sold at home centers and hardware stores. They are marketed under a variety of names such as OdoBan, Nature's Miracle, Out, and others.

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