Help~~Puppy had Parvo need ADVICE

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Help~~Puppy had Parvo need ADVICE

A friend of ours had a parvo infected puppy at our house, Now we have to clean everything with bleach water. We have an Olive colored couch made of Durapella...Will spraying it with bleach water ruin it???? We have 2 of our own puppies so this has to be done quickly so any advice will help.
Thank You~~
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Many vets recommend vaccinating puppies every 3-4 weeks until 16-20 weeks old. It is difficult to vaccinate puppies because immunity received from mother interferes with the vaccine. Most tend to wait until a year old to vaccinate, but Parvo is most prevalent among puppies. Beginning pet vaccinations at about 6-8 weeks is best. The Parvo vaccine is often included as part of the distemper shot. Puppies should not be allowed to socialize with other dogs or frequent areas where other dogs visit for two weeks after last vaccine.

It usually takes 7-10 days after exposure for dogs to show symptoms and test positive. Environment can remain contaminated for up to 9 months. Ground contaminated with fecal material can remain contaminated for up to 5-6 months. Most disinfectants are ineffective on the virus, but vets use chlorine bleach (one ounce per quart of water). Parvo can be transmitted from hands, car tires, shoes, or anything that has been exposed to the virus. The virus is transmitted via fecal material.

There is no cure for Parvo once a dog gets the virus. Vets treat symptoms of dehydration. If your pet has diarrhea, get it to the vet. There is a 50/50 survival rate. Without medical care, chances are the dog will not survive.

Call your vet!! Take your pets to the vet for a blood test to check immunity level against Parvo. Disinfect everything with which infected dog came into contact, including pouring bleach on lawn where dog did its business. Dead grass is better than having Parvo. Bleach will affect non-colorfast fabrics.
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Great advice from Twelvepole. You don't say how old your pups are and that could be important as well. Just to share some comforting info with you, while I was in New Orleans after Katrina we fostered several dogs and pups in our tents. One of the pups came down with parvo and we were quarentined. We kept up with the bleach routine as Twelvepole explained. We took everything, including our clothes, to a working laundromat we found and washed them in bleach and hot water. We scrubbed all the cages, food and water bowls and toys with bleach water and doused bleach where we thought the parvo pup had done her business. We found an open vet hospital, and with treatment, the parvo pup survived. None of the other pups caught parvo.

You should find this informative about parvo.


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