New Dog

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New Dog

I am looking to get a new dog and im allergic to dog hair. Im also intrested in a big dog, what kind should i get that does not shed and is also pretty big.

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Boy, talk about a million possible answers for that question! You may want to look into a Labradoodle, which is a mix of Labrador and Poodle. They are suppose to be virtually allergy free and are a decent size given the mix of dogs. If you want a dog that does not shed I would consider a Boxer. My buddy has a couple and they are good dogs but can be very stubborn.

Most importantly don't forget to consider they type of dog vs. your lifestyle. If want a very active dog then a Golden Retriever may be a good fit. If you do not want a very active dog consider something with less energy such as a Mastiff. Good luck.
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Low allergy plus big makes me think immediately of a standard poodle. They were originally a hunting breed so they have more stamina than most give them credit for (I believe they were lion hunters). Don't automatically look at shorthairs because they do shed, it's just not as obvious. Energy level is a huge consideration as the other poster said. Also realize that within a specific breed the coat may vary - we learned after the fact that one of our border collie mix dogs is "rough coat", while most are smooth. The result is a heavily shedding pup who is miserable when it's warmer than 65 degrees (though I suspect he may have some Northern breed somewhere in him to blame) - our other smooth coat border collie mix hardly sheds at all.

An alternative is to try allergy shots. They worked for me - I used to be allergic to anything with fur or leaves. My last part time job was at a vet's clinic and I never had to take allergy meds!
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Poodles are actually believed to have originated in Germany and are also believe to be the first water spaniel
The name Poodle comes from the German word pudel which means to splash in water
They were duck retrievers,
That's where that stupid hair cut comes from
Their butts were shaved so that they would not be weighed down and the hair would not mat and prevent them from swimming

With a normal haircut they are very beautiful animals

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