new puppy

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new puppy

We recently got an 8 week old Jack Russell female pup. We have a 9 year old Jack Russell male. He sees to not like her currently. Does this sound typical? If so, how long should this go on? If not, what solutions other than getting rid of one dog is there? Thank you
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Give both the older dog and the puppy equal time separate and apart from each other. Each needs its own private time and space. Perhaps a crate for the puppy will help in keeping it separate and allow for private time and rest. Never leave the two alone without supervision in order to assure the older dog does not terrorize the puppy. Having each on a leash requires two people, but it is a way to control behavior when the two are together. Allow the two to be together for short intervals. Gradually increase the time together until they get used to each other. Reward good behavior. Remember, the older dog feels like his territory has been invaded.
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When we got our second dog we had a 2 week period of no contact. The dogs did NOT see each other or interact inside the house for the first two weeks. We did take them on walks together (one on each side of the road), so they saw each other and got used to the smells that way.

They were crated and rotated (so only one dog out at a time inside) for the first two weeks. Then we started with slow introductions, supervised, in the house. Gradually building up to where they are loose as long as someone is home. Now they are best friends... but their introduction period was about a month or two.

The second dog flew home to us from a rescue, so we didn't get a chance to introduce them first and they NEEDED to get along.

We still don't leave them out in the house when we aren't home... they are crated. It gives them quiet time apart. We also make sure to walk each dog separately once a day so they get individual time with us as well.

Congrats on your new addition!

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