another stray cat question

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another stray cat question

Ok i got this cat that comes around the house around the same time. i give him/her dry food about once a day. he does not appear that he/she ever had a collar around his neck. he looks well feed. Maybe he/she just likes having that extra dry food. He/she is very friendly. first time i approached him he was in my back yard by the bushes stalking the birds. he would kinda run but would come right back. he just didn't want me to pet him. now if hes around and i rattle the dry food he goes nuts kinda. he is very friendly and i was able to hold him for a couple seconds but my other cats spooked him. i got the garage door open with some food and water up high so other critters don't get to it but he can. do you think its a stray or maybe belongs to someone. i can't take it in the house cause i got enough cats but i could keep it as a outdoor only cat.maybe see if any of my friends or family want a cat if it is indeed a stray.
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Sorry, can't figure out what your question is
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Maybe ask around the neighborhood or put up some signs. Very well may be someones cat that either wandered from their home or is just visiting you.
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Since he/her does not look skinny I would bet he/she is not a "stray" and is just a cat somebody lets out to get some "fresh air". He/she keeps coming back because you keep feeding him/her. If you stop, he/she will go elsewhere to find another source of extra food.
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I would ask around the neighborhood, and if you don't get anyone claiming the cat, then you can probably assume he's a stray.

If that's the case, and you can find kitty a good home, I would suggest that over keeping him/her as an outdoor pet. However, if you want to keep him as an outdoor cat, just be sure to get him/her spayed/neutered as soon as you can. Also, since it sounds like you are concerned about other animals getting into the food, you might want to consider a pet door with an electronic tag, that is keyed to the cat, and won't open for any other reason.

Keep us posted on how things go with kitty.
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Originally Posted by mitch17 View Post
Sorry, can't figure out what your question is
manly just asking for advice.

it might have been someones cat at one time. seams more and more people are moving and leaving there pets behind to fend for themselves

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