Trouble house-training my dog

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Help! I have a ten month old male Chihuahua. He was neutered about 1 1/2 months ago. He still persists in marking things in the house. I don't know what to do. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way!
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I'm really not an expert at this, but have a few thoughts.

Try crate training the dog. Usually dogs won't eliminate in their "house". Put the dog in the crate when you aren't home, and also at night. Be sure the crate is small enough for your dog, so he feels like he sleeps in the whole thing. They don't like to "go" in their beds.

Be deliberate when you take the dog out. Do it immediately after he eats, and keep him out until he eliminates. Then praise the heck out of him.

Tiny dogs have tiny bladders. Are you giving him enough opportunities to go? I'm not sure how long a chihuahua can hold it... (the same goes for tiny stomachs... they can't go as long without food/water as larger dogs)

Lastly, I would seek some professional advice (e.g. vet) to be sure that there isn't a medical problem at work here.

good luck!
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I've lived with in-house doggies for 58 years... every size from little Boston Terrier bulldogs to our current German Shepherd.
The way that my family has always housetrained them should help you.
a. Give them ample time outside, especially when they are young.
b. Every time that you see them about to go inside, speak "NO!", snatch them up and carry them out to do their business immediately.
c. Once they've finished, pet and PRAISE them to the high heavens, so that they associate going outside as a big positive "good doggie" trick. A treat here doesn't hurt, either.
d. Never hit them or "rub their nose in it", if they go inside. That is stupid, and the dog only is doing what it thinks is natural, and won't understand.

You will be amazed at how fast most dogs learn not to go inside by using our method. Ours have always had the run of the house, once they learn, with no problems.
The crate trick suggested is fine for puppies, so that they won't have accidents when you can't watch them 24/7.
Good Luck!
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pee pee Chihuahua's

I have 3 Chihuahua's, all brothers. It is even more difficult to train 3 at one time. Anyway, before I had one chihuahua for 12 years that was trained well to go on underpads bought at the drug store. I simply scolded him when he went poo or pee taking a tissue with pee or poo scent on it, laying it on the puppy pad and telling him good dog. He trained in a matter of days. But you must be home with your dog for about 3 days consistant for him to get the message. My three are trained when I am home, but eveytime I leave, they seem to leave their scent on the kitchen floor or by my bed. Actually your dog is saying he loves you. So now I have built a small room with tile floor to fence off my dogs when I am gone. They pee and I mop. But when they are in the main house, they are good boys now, when I am home. But I have read many articles that claim it is your dogs way of saying he loves you, as they do in the wild. Hope this helps some. Good luck, Chihuahua's are peeing little devels, but I love them.
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Talking heres an idea!

I got my dog potty trained by letting someone take her outside and while she was out I put some treats through the house(not alot rice krispies work best) and when she came in I let her find the treats on her own(because dogs are scavengers they wont potty where they know theres food) I did it for about 2 weeks but after just a few days she was wanting me to take her out and go potty..the thing is not to let her see you put the treats down and dont show her where they are.. and also dont correct her when she does find it..I hope this helps!

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