Aramis the cat intestine.

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Aramis the cat intestine.

Aramis my cat is a young female.Two days ago, i saw my cat
sneezing over her food as well trowing a very important hair ball.The size of the air ball approximative 4 inch and full of hair.
I was impress and decide to watch her closely. The day pass she did not defecate or urinate that day, as well no drink at all
no food.
The very next day, I decide that this can be life threatening and went to a vet. Fluid was given to her as well antibiotic understanding that the two ex rays could not detect anything but a swollen intestine .
Today, the cat was release and nothing has change except her fiber is down,(she had fiber) The vet told me may be a bacteria infection not sure..
$500 was the cost and my cat, still do not eat. I want to help her and try tomorrow to force her to take some little meal.
I have hear that Beans should be mix up with food,
I do not know what do else, do someone has a idea?
Sorry for my bad English,
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Welcome and I commend you for trying to do the best for your kitty. We do have a pets forum and I suspect this thread will be transferred there soon.

My cat, approximately 12 years old and in the best of health will often go for a day without drinking or eating. I had asked the veterinarian (feline specialist) about this and he said that cats are desert animals and can often go for long periods of time without eating or drinking.

Don't try to force feed the cat but instead get some stinky canned food or try some canned tuna, salmon or shrimp. While there are some cats that won't eat stinky canned food most will gobble it right up.

I do have a possible disease in mind but I want to wait for a day or two before bringing it up.
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Please do not worry about your english, you are doing just fine.

As for your kitty, hairballs can cause real trouble, and thankfully your cat got the one out. Do as your vet told, and give the medicine to her if your vet gave you some.

To help with eating and drinking, be sure fresh water is down all the time. You can buy some Nutri-Cal for Cats at Petsmart, if you have one closeby? It is made to help her get some nutrition and stimulate her appetite.

Do not mix the beans in her food unless your veterinarian said to do it. Sometimes human food can cause pets a problem.

Here is a link to the Nutri-Cal:

Nutri-Cal for Cats - Health Care - Cat - PetSmart

They also make one that is for dogs AND cats, and that one would be good as well, if they are out of the one for cats only.

Keep us posted as to how your kitty is doing.

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