The cat that scratches

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The cat that scratches

Help! My siamese mix wants in the bedroom and I only have the two rooms. The 4AM, then 7AM, hangout seshes don't mix well with my schedule. She scratches at double-sided tape. She'll brave the vacuum until it actually turns on (tried for a month). She freezes when the spray bottle is used & we have battled for over an hour she get bored. I have tried to obstruct the doorway but she just scratches at whatever is in the way. She was sufficiently scared of a pillow in a trash bag, but now she's just ripping the bag. She gets plenty of play time throughout the day with the dog or hanging outside. She wants what she wants

I got her to stop scratching my mattress with blankets tucked into the sheets and touching the floor, she quit immediately. The scented spray never worked, she rubbed up against the nozzle the first time I used it! But a bedskirt that is sufficiently long enough so that the cat isn't tempted to swat at that space between the fabric & the floor would be a more tasteful approach

She has yet to show interest in a hanging cat post, treated with catnip and I want to try a free standing stable post with carpet in the future. But she has found a box with a hole in it is the best toy, cheapest one too!

If you have ANY ideas, I'm game.
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Everything I've read, heard, to not use carpet on scratching posts or toys. Too much like furniture upholstery. Sisal rope wrapped items are best.

Also...after years of having cats, I found the flat cardboard boxes filled with the corrugated cardboard and sold at any pet store and WalMart also, are absolutely the best. All my cats have seemed to love them. I actually have 3 or so as sometimes one cat will be napping on top of it when the other wanted to scratch. Bout $100 for the larger size. You can flip them when one side gets worn, though they put some glue in them now, so you get a strip across the middle after flipping...but the cats don't seem to care.
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I use jute wrapped 4 x 4s for scratching etc. Or Cardboard as Gunguy45 suggested. You seemed to have tried all the tricks I know of to stop the didn't mention if your cat has been spayed? Sometimes that will help settle a cat down, but perhaps not if she's that persistant. Have you tried crating her while you sleep or need time away? I have often used a Very large dog crate with problem cats, until I can manage to break them of the habits. Even to this day, our one un-altered male goes "In his house" for the night.
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Oops....can't edit it anymore...but I meant to say $10....not $100!!
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you can probably get just as good cardboard from a liquor store for free.

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