Matting fur

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Matting fur

Looking for opinions on my 15 y/o male longhair cat. Seems in the last few months he's developed some matting in his fur and it seems to have gotten thicker and coarser. Like he's not really grooming himself as much. We didn't notice it soon enough and now we can't really even get a comb through some of them. We were able to carefully cut out some on his belly, but he's look really odd if we did that around his neck and on the sides. Hate to take him to the vet since that would be pretty traumatic for him, he's pretty skittish. He'd probably run in the closet and hide for 2 days after...if he made it through the stress.

We lost our other 2 in the last 18 months and finally got a kitten in Feb(?)...was just too quiet around the house. Wondering if her always wanting him to play (he doesn't) and just her general terror kittenism has anything to do with his issue.
Or is he just getting old?

So...Vet, grooming service, do it at home? Special combs or brushes?
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Sorry to hear about your two cats passing. I would like to bring in our local cat expert (my wife) on this one :

It could be his age, maybe his body hurts and its not as easy for him to clean and stretch. Could be the stress of the new younger lady in his life or the loss of the others. One of our cats was pissed off and not himself for a year after we got a new kitten! Cats do get depressed too when their friends pass away.

I do not know of any special tool/brush out there. I have carefully cut matts off of my cats before with a razor blade. I kept as far away from their skin as possible. Yes, they look funny but at least their not 'lumpy' when you pet them.
My Mom brings her longhair cat, Zoe, to a groomer for the Lion Cut. Zoe seems much happier/friskier the next day. My Mom has to get a sedation pill from the Vet beforehand and pays a total of $75, but that haircut lasts for 8 months- and there is less cat hair floating around the house and on furniture.

If it was me I'd probably cut the matts off for now, or if you want him to look nice take him to a groomer. I would wait a while to see if it is just an adjustment period with the new kitten before I'd make a Vet appt. and spend 'extra special' quality time with him alone petting and talking, or giving him a place to "get a break" from the little lady.

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I too am sorry to hear of your recent loss. It's never easy losing a furchild. :-(

What I use to do mat removal is a brand spanking new seam ripper.(Don't use an old one as they do NOT work well enough) I buy a new one every few months, as I have long hair cats and dogs, I use them on reasonably often. I get the old style but with a magnifier, and without the ball part on the longest point, like this one: Dritz(R) Magnified Seam Ripper

The magnifier makes it much easier to be sure you aren't getting skin. You simply slip it under part of the mat, carefully, and angle it up and away from the cat, and it slices right through the mat. You will need to do this several times if the mat is large, and then you'll be able to get under the rest of the mat to cut it with the inner part of the blade, freeing it from kitty.

I hope the way I have described it, makes sense? If not, holler out and I will try again. It is difficult to explain some things in words, without pictures. This is one of those times...maybe I should put together a video one of these days. I have used this method for all except show cats.

If he is really skittish, ask your vet for some Acepromazine to give him before de-matting. It's a very safe mild sedative that usually is used for travel, but would most likely work well in this situation too.

Do keep us posted.

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