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I was wondering, when do cats, start to com down. I have a three year, that still runs around the house like a kitten. And noise, some times I get woke up in the middle of the night, with what sounds like the furniture be moved around.
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Cats are cats..they don't change much from the age of 1 yr my experience. At least not until they get much older and slower.

Thats why many sources say if you want to adopt a cat...get one a year old so you can get a gauge on their personality.

I'm a cat person...I like their different temperaments. One calm and loving makes up for the hyper playful one.

If the noise at night is an issue, best I can say is wear them out by playing and keeping them active during the day. Works with our kitten. If we don't interact much or are gone during the day, we really need to work her up before we sleep.
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With cats, you never know what to expect because they are acutually not domesticated and are commonly cross bred.

We have 2 large, black long haired cats. They are 10+ years old and beyond the "kitty" stage and one was out of it in 2 years.

They are totally different. One is very dignified (Walter Croncat) and the other is farm/barn cat from MI (the dumb one).

They get along great, understand what is going on and respond together or separately.

Now, they are quite sedate and do not run around much except the one is a night cat that runs around and tries to talk to everyone and everything when he is not howling. The other shows up about 15 minutes before feeding time as reminder with a soft meow.

When one of their caretakers/owner does not feel good, one will be there immediately and the other follows up later and purrs loudly during recovery.

The communication is crazy since they can be sitting 20 feet away, but the jointly get up to meet and and eat from the two dry food feeders. After that, one goes to the water dish and the other goes to the liter box.

Hard to understand, but interesting.
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Is the cat fixed? Many times that will mellow out a cat, especially if it is a male.

We just picked up a new one (#3)
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Hi Edward,

I'm still smiling from your post. I don't have an answer because every cat is different - but I can promise that one day when your kitty is older and slower you'll miss the days when she ran around like a wild thing going bump in the night.

She sounds like a cutie
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Cats need stimulation and will make their own. We’ve had cats for years and our opinion is that 2 cats cause less trouble then 1, although not less money. Seems to be less nusiance destruction with 2 cats, but they do run around a lot, especially at night. That’s the nature of the beast.
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Ours is a stray that adopted us. She's an outdoor cat but wears an RFID collar to unlock her kitty door to the garage. Unfortunately she's learned that she can bring her "toys" (moles, voles, mice & rabbits) into the garage so she can play with them later at her leisure. Nothing like hearing a bump in the night. Going down to investigate and when opening the door see a rabbit at full speed with a cat in hot pursuit. Then the next morning to find one unlucky rabbits foot placed in front of the door to make sure we see it.

Oh, back to the OP's question. No, I have not noticed her growing out of her playfulness. If anything she's come out a bit more and is crazier than ever now that she knows she has a home.
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Hi Edward074
I have had three cats so far in my lifetime and sadly all three now have gone to their eternal reward two because of cancer and one who had a heart attack at the vets. Everyone of my girl cats was a joy to me though even when they wanted to play at night when I wanted to sleep.
Cats though I have learned are creatures of habit and mainly want to be up at night. These habits though can change but it takes a great deal of patience and sometimes a couple of years. I agree though about the spaying or neutering as that will calm them some and protect them from some but not all cancers they can get. I also agree they need to get exercise with you playing with your cat this will help you bond with your cat and will also teach the cat what time is play time and what time is time to rest. Still though there are times when a cat just doesn't want to settle down it is just the way they are but they are great companions even if they do things you don't want them to do. I guess that is what I like about them best, their independence. Good luck to you!
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Hey, Edward, like all the others, I just have to share mine. We have three. Wife brought one (Maine Coon) from a hospital she worked at. She was abandoned (cat, not wife) . One came over from an adjoining farm because he got tire of the kids picking at it, and never left. The last one OC (outside cat) just showed up. They go for walks with us in the woods with the dogs, run and rip, attacking each other for fun. We have a dog door so all animals can enter the garage and eventually the house.
Our solid black one from the neighboring farm thinks our hallway is a "killing field". He brings his prey up and leaves nothing but a little footie, or head, just like Dane's buddy.
Each has its own temperament, but they all are in the kitchen at 5pm sharp.....waiting. They eat dry food all day (or rabbits, birds, squirrels, etc), but at evening I divide a small can of wet between the three, and they are happy.
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The sound of furniture moving around? That's funny. Cat's are crazy little creatures that just enjoy playing. If you're cat is three years old the chances of it slowing down isn't very good. You just have a very active cat. Have you tried putting it in a separate bedroom with a door shut while you're asleep?

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