Dry cat food recommendation?

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Dry cat food recommendation?

Our cat seems to have developed a skin allergy of some type. I've gotten rid of all her plastic bowls and also want to try a new food. Does anyone have a recommendation for a dry food that is good for loosing weight and healthy skin.

We use an automated feeder so the amount we feed is well controlled but she is a terrific hunter. When we used a normal dry cat food her weight stared to climb so we've been blending a normal (Deli Cat) and diet food (Good Life for indoor cats) half and half which has worked well. In addition to worrying about allergies I'm wondering if we're too cheap on the cat food which is heavy on grains. I'm wondering if she needs something with more vermin. Anyone know a cat food with mice, mole & vole?
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Pilot Dane,

I am not really too familiar with those brands, I am guessing they are from the grocery store?

I have always suggested not buying from the grocery store for foods, mainly due to the low quality ingredients found in most grocery store brands. Most breeders I know, even for their non-pedigree cats, use foods along the lines of Nutro, Blue Wildreness, Royal Canin and other higher end brands. The main reasons for the usage of these higher end brands is better quality ingredients.

I would say, since it sounds like you are thinking she is needing more proteins, to give the Blue Wilderness a shot. It is more expensive, but they also eat (and poop) a lot less because it is a much higher protein content and more digestible than the lesser brands.

Hope this helps and do keep us posted.
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My cats were very happy with Felidae dry food for cats (Canidae is supplier), and the price was reasonable. Supplier has holistic approach to cats food. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the supplier, so I can't find it any more in my country (we are very small market), but this might not be the problem for your location.
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I definitely recommend dumping the grocery store food in favor of the pet food store or veterinary brands. The clinic where I take my cats recommends canned food over dry because some cats won't drink enough water on their own.

I have been feeding Science Diet (dry food) to my cats for years. Douglas turned fourteen this year and is still in excellent health and all he eats is the Science Diet.

Cats DO NOT EAT GRAINS unless there is absolutely no other food available. Get a cat food that is either very low in grains or has none at all. Grains in cat food are nothing more than fillers to lower the cost.
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Agreed!! When's the last time you saw your cat drag in a plant? Wifey shops either on line or at our local pet store for foods that are high protein with meat products (not byproducts) listed first. It may have grains in it, but they are way down the list. With that said, if your cat won't eat it, it probably doesn't matter. I find that mixing vet or pet store brands (Blue, etc.) with a tastier food from the grocery in lesser amounts will get them accustomed to eating the good stuff. I like (well the cat's like) Purina One Beyond with real chicken as a main ingredient.

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