cats won't get along

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cats won't get along

I took in a stray we had been feeding and we have to keep him locked up in the bathroom cause 2 of my cats are out for blood with him. it's been at least a month and they still want to go after him. Will they ever get along?
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Probably not. You might get to a point of detente where it is a case of equal distrust but mostly just "sniping" at each other or it may get worse. A lot depends upon the individual cats.

I have three cats, one I adopted and two that adopted me. Number one is Douglas who is a Balinese mix (Siamese offshoot) and he definitely does not like either of the other two even though Toby has lived here at least seven years and then Squirmy who has lived in the neighborhood for at least five years and with me for about a year. As you may know, Siamese cats (and their offshoots) are extremely loyal and protective of their humans and as a result also quite jealous of other cats. Both Squirmy and Toby are female domestic short hairs and those two get along like mother and daughter and always have.

You will have to shower the original cats with lots of love and attention and slowly introduce them to the newcomer. Be prepared for sniping and an occasional knockdown-drag out fight and also for some very unwelcome litter box habit changes and "marking" of territory. If they don't change their attitude towards the newcomer you may have no recourse than to find a no-kill shelter for the new guy.
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I agree with Furd. We, likewise, have three. Similarly, one adopted, and two adopted us. They are very territorial, even to the inch of body space, and none of them tend to encroach on that. Now, this is after several years of what you are going through, but it worked out. The Main Coon is basically a sissy indoor cat that sits on the back of my chair 22/7. The other two use the cat door and stay outside most of the time. They all show up in the kitchen at 5pm, honoring the spacial distances and eating together.

Good luck with #3, and don't give up too soon.
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Cats are funny in the way they get teritorial.
I have 2 female calico cats (mother and daughter). The younger gets along with most animals provided they don't get too in her face to begin with.
The older cat is fine with other animals (wild included) provided we are not around. She will turn on the other animals if they threaten to take our attention away from her. She has been like that for the entire 7years she's been with us. Surpisingly (and lucky for her), she hasn't acted this way with the kids.
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Cats can decide to get along though, so don't give up. Admittedly I worked in rescue and rehab so I have had a LOT of experience rehabbing ferals and abused cats as well. Sometimes it just takes time, and a willingness to let them sort it out themselves. Having said that if they are doing real damage of course, separate them! I have had to let a couple of mine squabble on and off throughout the years, but eventually they have settled into a truce of sorts, and seldom bother each other now.

Good luck and do keep us posted.
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Well its not a squabble its a all out for war for blood. I can't let him out of the bathroom cause then it will be a blood bath that could send one of the cats to the vet. One time my mom forgot to close the bathroom door and the 2 cats went in there and had him corned behind the toilet. Luckily there was no fight but given the chance they will brawl. The cat that's in the bathroom doesn't fight he runs and is afraid of the 2 cats. I will let him outside now and then during the day weather permitting and he does come back.

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