female cat - not fixed

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female cat - not fixed

So my female cat has been biting clothes then dragging them around stopping and stomping on them. It just started about a month ago she is about a year and a half old. Any explanations?
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Female cats are generally psychotic.
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Aren't all cats? ___________________________
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Mine aren't, but they are boys.

If she is not fixed I would suspect she might be going through a heat. I highly recommend getting her fixed.
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In heat females are pretty easy to spot. The yowling is a dead giveaway as is constant roaming around the home.

Anything about the clothes that's different? Were they worn for outside activities? Around other animals?

You should check with a vet as well as finding out how much spaying would be. They live longer when fixed and don't have to deal with the physical issues every 3 weeks. Check at local adoptions or rescues for programs and clinics that may have reduced rates.
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Should have been fixed a year ago, really want to deal with kittens?
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Female cats are generally psychotic
You mean it's just limited to cats

IMO even if the cat is kept inside and away from male cats it's still a good idea to get her spayed. Some towns have programs to help with the cost if that is a concern.
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My female cat, spayed, loves to sit on anything of her humans. If we set down a piece of clothing we've been wearing she'll smurgle it and settle down on it like we placed it there expressly for her use.
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Ya i can tell when she's in heat and when she isn't. Looking into fixing her Now. Jw what may cause her to act such a way. Anything that she does this on has been worn or used. . Shirts, pj pants, towels. . She'll drag around in her mouth and randomly stop to stomp on it
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Since the clothes are worn, I would say she's probably trying to claim them as hers...but as mentioned, I would get her into the vet, have her checked then spayed, if she's healthy. But it honestly sounds like a territorial thing. Even so, spaying is a really good idea, especially to avoid future health issues such as hormonal triggered cancers such as mammary.

Do keep us posted and let us know how things go.
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My female cat used to get in the laundry basket and drag rolled up pairs of socks all around the house, howling while she did it. I suspect she was carrying them around as if they were trophies she caught. It would be nothing to come shome to 10 pairs of socks all over the house. She doesn't do this as much any more.

Another of my females just recently started doing the same thing with small pieces of paper she finds laying around.

I also have two males and they each have their own quirks as well. I just chalk it up to different personalities. Anyone who has lived with a cat for any amount of time knows that each and every one has a distinct personality and their own sets of strange habits and behaviors, and they do tend to change and evolve over time.

All my cats are fixed as soon as they are of age.
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Our current female (spayed) drags socks around the bedroom like a trophy.

Years ago we had a male (neutered) that would drag towels and such around eventually covering his food/water dishes. Eventually we realized that an unknown cat would sit on our deck and look in the patio doors. We think that “Buggs” was covering/hiding his food from the other cat.

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