Mounting activated carbon filters inside cat litter box


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Mounting activated carbon filters inside cat litter box


I'm looking to minimize cat urine and fecal stench from cat litter basin in enclosed box. I remove the droppings from the litter basin at least twice a day and apply litter mixed with baking soda as needed throughout the week. I to a total cleaning of the basin and box once a week with Clorox wipes.

A further enhancement would be to activated carbon filters to the inner walls of the box (sides and top) to absorb the odor, but not sure how to mount the filter sheets. Using regular tape looks too tedious considering the filters need to be replaced every 1-3 months and the tape doesn't bond well to the filter. Duct tape has a somewhat stronger grip, but not bulletproof. I'm looking for something that's going to hold well, removable and easy to mount without covering too much of the filter surface.

The filters are 6.5 in x 6.0 in x 10 mm (thickness). I've attached a picture.

The litter box is made of engineered wood.


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Unless there is air flow through the filters I dont think they will do much just hanging there!
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I would use a exhaust blower and carbon filter can. That way all you have to do is mount the intake hose to your cat box. The blower and filter can can sit next to the cat box on the floor or you can mount them somewhere.

[img]rafters will be 2x4s and I'm just using 2x4 saddle ties rather than bird beaking them[/img]
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How many cats are using this litter box? If you're scooping it twice a day, adding baking soda as needed, and total cleaning once a week, which I assume means a complete litter change and you're still getting unacceptable odors, then something else is going on.

We have two cats and two boxes using scoopable litter. I scoop the boxes once a day with a total litter change and cleaning every 3-5 months and there are no odor issues. On the rare occasion that one cat doesn't cover its mess, I'll simply scoop over it when I notice it and that odor is then gone.

I wonder if the baking soda is causing a reaction and actually making an odor as it "neutralizes" the urine. In past years I functioned as a Level III Haz Mat tech along with pest control duties at a local navy depot. Much of our cleanups were for lead-acid batteries (forklifts) that "cooked off". When we added baking soda to the acid in order to neutralize it prior to clean up, it would release considerable acid gasses at first due to the chemical reaction. I wonder if something similar is going on here.

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I have to agree with PABugman, there's something else going on if you're still getting extreme odors...

Another thing that is correct is that without airflow, there cannot be any filtration.

I am thinking that perhaps it may be the box itself. You say it's made from "engineered wood", I am unfamiliar with that terminology. Having said that, if there is any form of actual wood, it will hold and them release all the scents that it comes in contact with...

I think that a new litterbox made from something that is not porous would be in order. Also I would suggest getting the kitty(I am assuming it is just one cat) checked for Urinary disorders.

Please do keep us posted.
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