Spay or not spay early

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Spay or not spay early

20 lb mini Aussie, current vet says before first cycle is best but last vet says wait for at least 1 cycle for hormones to process bones and such. I read the same thing online about doing it before or after and the main pro for before is even further reducing the risk of mammary tumors. The con for not waiting is irregular bone growth. But i think that is mainly for big dogs and my aussie won't pass 30 ish lbs. Any thoughts? Shes currently 4 months.

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I cant offer a professional answer but, I always spay mine before they reach a year of age. I dont know if its professionally right but the vets dont hesitate when I take them in at that age.
As I understand it, dogs can come in at about 9 months - 1 year. But that may depend on breed.

Edit: I'll just add this as trivial info that may or may not be accurate K-9 wide.
We got a mini schnauzer at about 11 months & she came in that week. We waited for her to complete the cycle then spayed her. All her life she had a motherly instinct to her. She would store food & take her small fuzzy toys and treat them like puppies occasionally.

Later, we got a little Mountain Fiest and had her spayed at about 8 months of age.... before she had a cycle. She is now about 5 years old and she has never had that motherly instinct like our mini did. But, it could be the difference in personality or breed. It also could have something to do with the fact that one had just finished her cycle & the other had not had a cycle.

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I always heard they should be at least 8 months old.
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Best rule of thumb is to wait until after the first heat and after the growth plates have closed. Growth plate closure assures the dog's finished maturing physically.

There is a lot of anecdotal information out there but I always follow the science.

Do keep us posted and congrats on your new furkid.

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