Gate or barrier that cat can cross but dog can not?

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Gate or barrier that cat can cross but dog can not?

Our 14-year-old ~16 pound dog is part Jack Russell terrier and part Chihuahua. We love her dearly, but she has recently started peeing and pooping on recently installed carpet in a spare bedroom. We can't close the bedroom door because that's where the cat's litter box is.

Clearly there are remedies available, e.g., move the cat's litter box to a different room and shut off the peed-in room. But there isn't another good place for the litter box.

I'm hoping to find a pet gate that the young cat can jump but the old dog can't. The dog is only slightly bigger than the cat. Internet search turns up nothing of the sort. Or any better suggestions so the cat can get in but the dog cannot?
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Cats will climb something like a ladder but dogs won't..... correct ?

Looks like cats will jump most standard height gates while dogs won't.
I also see several gates with adjustable openings/doors. (on chewy)
Possibly the smallest opening would allow the cat thru and not the dog.
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You can try the dog training collars. There is a type people use in their yards and you bury a wire around the perimeter. You could do similar and lay the sending wire across the bedroom door. Soon the dog will learn not to go through that doorway and you can remove the collar and wire.

There is another type used by hunters where the shock is administered on demand. If you are at able you can do the training manually via the collar or with positive/negative reinforcement the old fashioned way to train the dog not to go into that room.

Or, as PJmax mentioned. A pet/child gate could be cleared by a cat but maybe not by the dog. The only issue might be how the cat adapts. I generally don't like to install a barrier to the litter box as you don't want the cat to find a more convenient spot elsewhere. Easiest would be to simply relocate the litterbox.
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Cats are like liquid fur, they fit through anything.

We put our litter box in the unfinished area of the basement and I 3D printed a "cat" shaped flanged opening about 5" in dia and installed on a discrete wall. The cat easily fits but the dog cant. Took him about 5 minutes to find it and have never had an issue since!

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