Feral cat

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Feral cat

I live in the country and have an older spayed outdoor cat. A stray started coming around and now attacks my cat. Tore her ear pretty good and she is now staying in the garage for awhile. I thought about trapping the feral in a live trap and relocating it 5+ miles away. One issue is releasing it from the live trap. There is no easy way to open the door and getting out of the way of the cat.
Any suggestions on how to get rid of this cat?
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The cat rescue here takes ferals. Trap it, take it to the cat rescue & let them get it out. But seriously, its not likely to attack you, when you open that door, he'll be outta there headed in the opposite direction. If you do decide to do this yourself, just wear some heavy duty leather gloves like welding gloves or something if your afraid he'll bite you when opening the latch.
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Years ago we were over run with feral cats. After watching one kill a songbird at one of our feeders I contacted our town animal control officer. An old school He trapped 6 in a couple of days. An old school guy, he "disposed" of them. That ended our feral cat problem.

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I see they make dividers for live traps so it can be opened. I think I can make something similar to make it easier to release.
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If this cat has been previously live trapped, it is probably trap shy and this could be a problem. Hopefully not. If/when you catch it, releasing it should be simple enough. Lay the trap on the side and open the door. That way the door won't go shut and you won't have to stand there and hold it open. You could also take a sturdy stick, etc of the proper length and use it to prop the door open when releasing.

Be aware that skunks, as well as opossums and raccoons, are attracted to the same baits that cats are. Be ready to deal with that, especially if you leave the traps open at night, but that's probably the best time to catch the cat, as well.

Ideally, it would be better for the cat and it's environment that it be spayed/neutered at least, and maybe turned over to a rescue, though I know many of them are quite full.
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