puppy biting

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Unhappy puppy biting

We just got ths puppy like a month ago he is about 2 and half months now like I think 13 or 14 weeks old . He is part Chow and rot. HE looks so much like a cub bear that is name is Bear. anyways my questions or concerns is that he bites us. my kids , me,husband. even other family members. He growels too . How do I get him to stop doing that. I have told him NO! GO LIE DOWN BEAR. I have sprayed water in his face. And it has led to hittng his nose when ever he bites. Do I continue telling him NO with spraying water in his face or whatshould we do. He will lie down when told and he is just about house broken He whines to go out to go. He sits for a moment when told but justfor second. So i am saying he can learn and listen. Just that this biting is not stopping. PLEASE HELP ANYONE.
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Try this with your baby:

use the sound "aaaahhhttt", it's almost though something is caught in your throat. this is a sound that works well with dogs.

also, instead of hitting the top of his nose, pop underneath, clanking his teeth together. not too hard, just enough to get the teeth to hit together. if they nip their tongue, it drives the point home even moreso, but isn't necessary.

always remember, you're not trying to knock the dog out, just get his attention. clanking teeth together is something a dog simply cannot stand. it has worked well with our catahoulas, and they are chewers and biters. they now only bite each other, but not humans.

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Smile Thankyou

Thankyou very much Kay I will try that. never heard of those things very interesting tacktics. We will try.
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Oh Boy,

A dog that age should not be biting. This dog has already decided who is boss in your house.

My suggestion take him to a behavioural Dog trainer. Dogs this age that bite have not been properly socialized and will continue to be a menace. Think the worse. Your dog attacks your children. We just had to put a dog to sleep that had these same traits. 4 months old. She was part Rot. It was very unfortunate, but after several unprovoked attacks, there were no other option. She saw every vet and dog specialist in town without success. I also know of another 5 month old Akita who had the same issues and had to be put down.

Remember you don't want to give the dog to another unasuming home. And these dogs, especially Rot's and Chows are extremely aggresive and should only be under people with alot of experience with both breeds.

Becuase I don't know what triggers the biting I can't help you with what might help. If the dog is attacking when you approach him for instance when he has taken possesion of an item you don't want him to have. Instead of confronting him with the issue. Completely change the subject on him. Call him to another room. Make him do tricks. Give him a snack and reward him.

The idea is to not escalate the issue at hand and to not threaten him into the final result...biting. This will build his trust with you. It will reassure him that everytime he has something you won't be taking it from him. Remember, these breeds are very possesive.

If it's general puppy biting. You can use a solution of a little tiny bit of Ammonia mixed with water in a squirt bottle or Bitter apple.

And most importantly. Take him to obediance. The socialization will do him good.

Good Luck.
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Do not squirt your dog with anything, or smack his nose, or any other type of force, your dog will think you are being agressive and will respond by more agression.

Your really need a good trainer who trains the positive reinforcement method. This means no punishment for doing wrong and praise or treats for doing right.

Dogs don't think like us, they cannot reason like us, while they have good memories, unless the punishment is immediate, they don't associate the punishment with the deed. I have just spent 3.5 years getting my dog to return to me because his previous owner beat him for not coming back. To him the punishment was for coming back, that was when he got the punishment.

Start your puppy on "Nothing in life is free", even his food, he has to do something, i.e. sit before you give him his food. Make sure that you walk through doorways and narrow opening before you puppy. Groom him every day, the top dog does the grooming.

When your puppy bites, stop what you are doing with him and walk away, even out of the room. He will soon realise that when he bites the fun stops and he is ignored or left on his own.

He is still a baby, and he hasn't been socialised properly with other dogs or people, this is essential to having a well balanced dog.

Good luck and be patient, never put him in a position that he will fail, but try and put him in a position that he will succeed.

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With a puppy that age already showing signs of domination and aggression it is time for tough love. We have a 103 lb. male German Shepherd and and an 86 lb female German Shepherd when the male was four months old he was stubborn and liked to bite. I was given two bits of advice and it worked like a charm. With the biting I was told to grab him around the snout with your fingers inside of the mouth press his lips on his own teeth. Just gentle enough for him to flinch. This did not work for our male but it worked for our female. What worked for our male was while he is trying to bite my hand I just stuck my finger(s) down his throat. This may sound disgusting but it worked!! It only took a couple of times and he got the message. But you must stick them down far enough and leave them in there long enough to envoke the gag reflex and at the same time tell him "NO".
With the domination aspect I always recommend to new owners of a large breed to do what I call a "submissive test". All this requires you to do is while the pup is old enough but still small enough (around four or five months) you wrap your arms around them while laying on top of them on the floor with only enough pressure to hold them in place. They should at this time try to squirm away but you need to hold them in that position until they relax completely. While you are doing this you can hold their mouth closed. This may be hard for some people to do because you may have to hold them really tight and they may cry but talk to them quietly until they relax. Do this a couple times a week until they do not resist at all. It should only take a few times or less. With any large dog you have to be the Alpha of the pack even if the pack only consists of two.
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The other thing we suggest to our puppy buyers is to discipline like the mom does. As soon as the puppy starts using its mouth (no matter how gentle), grab the loose skin at the back of the neck and give it a good shake along with a very loud "no bite". We have had fairly good luck with this for a number of different discipline problems.

It may sound a bit harsh, but you really have to let your puppy know who is the alpha. And that is every one in the house but him; he has to understand that he is low man on the totem pole.

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