Looking for a good, inexpensive digital


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Question Looking for a good, inexpensive digital

We currently have a Kodak DX3700, which is not a bad camera. However, the response time is INCREDIBLY slow - it takes a few seconds from the time I press the button to the time the picture actually takes, which isn't much good when you're trying to photograph an incredibly active two-year-old! :lol: Can anyone offer suggestions for a good, reasonably priced camera with a little bit quicker response time? Thanks!

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I'm sorry to tell you that shutter lag is normal for digital cameras.
I can't tell you which ones are faster than what you have, but the difference between inexpensive ones wouldn't be that great.
A local dealer sells Panasonic cameras of which one I looked at has a burst feature where it can take four pictures in one second, but then takes a while to process them.
The unfortunate part is that these cameras are not cheap.
The one I looked at is $800.00 US.

Try Steve's Digicams for other camera reviews where this may be discussed for different camera models.

If you manage to find something that is inexpensive and has a short lag let us know.
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As Greg as said shutter speed is a flaw with alot of digital cameras. I have used a Nikon Coolpix 4200 camera for many things. It has good shutter speed. I have seen faster but, it is hard to go wrong with the Nikon 4200 for a do everything camera. But, as Greg said it is not the one of the cheaper models and there are faster ones. It will run you $315-$375. Or, you could go for a Nikon Coolpix 4300 for a price starting at about $425.
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Let us know if this information is of any use. Sometimes too much can be confusing.


Here is a link for the Nikon 4300 WeldGod suggested: Link

Here is a link with tips on reducing shutter lag: Link
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i have the kodak dx6330 ,reasonably priced ,easy to use and great pictures.the only drawback is that it loves batteries.i am currently looking for recharchable ones.
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I don't know what you're idea of reasonably priced is, but the Canon Digital Rebel also known as the 300D) is a good, cheap digital SLR.

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Stick with Kodak

I can only assume that the model you have is an older version of the current DX line as it doesnt appear on the kodak site for current models.

I purchased a DX 6340 over a year ago. Recently I gave it to my Mum and bought another one. Shutter lag was the ONE key feature that I wasn't happy with UNTIL I came across the Kodak DX series. Currently this camera is available for 180 or less. The megapixel value is more than adequate for 4x6 prints and the OFOTO site gives excellent quality and flexibility.
While I was in the store buying the camera I sold 2 to other customers and since then 2 of my friends have purchased Dx cameras. We all work in the digital imaging field but on a higher level with more expensive equipment. These cameras are awesome for personal snaps
Battery usage is actually very good if you follow simple rules:
1. stop looking at pictures as soon as you take them. think about it. When you used film you had to take 24 or 36 before you could wait 2 hrs to see anything. Now you can take even more so just keep shooting as you used to.
2. Dont use the screen to take the picture unless of course you are on a macro setting. That little eyepeice was good enough before, right?
3. Use rechargeables. NMh.
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I recently bought my wife a DX 6230, (after lots of research)and she loves it . It's simple to use and she takes it almost everywhere. Less than $200.
Doinit has some excellent advice, particularly about looking at things and using the screen. You never did it before, so don't let bad habits set in now. -She also bought a good set of rechargables and a charger just for use with this.

As for the sportpics, you'll never do it with digital till you spend 4-5 grand on the camera. I always get amused at my grandson's soccer matches, many of the parents have digitals costing 1000-1500. I always take my trusty 42 year old Mamiya 1000DSX with a 400 asa film . - Guess who always gets the best action shots, by far!
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nomind - severl comments on your soccer observations:

1. getting a good action shot often depends more on anticipation and luck than the camera (assuming the camera can take action shots). Anticipation is important because the human reflex is too slow. My son played a lot of basketball and it took lots of practice to be able to get great shots of the jump balls.

2. how do you know those other cameras are $1000 - 1500?

3. unless you do your own developing, your pictures are being processed. All pictures, film or digital, will have some post-processing done to them. Very few digital camera owners know the first thing about processing, much less willing to spend the money for good photo software.

4. most of the people who buy $1000 digital cameras have no clue on how to use them. You mention using 400 film. Do you know how to set your DX 6230 to that speed?

I have a cheap digital and get decent sport pics with it. Not as good as with my film camera - but the film camera cost 3 times as much.
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It seems there are two main issues with sports action pictures:

1. Getting the autofocus to come to a focus in a short time, and
2. Pictures are blurry because the subjects are moving fast.

#2 shouldn't be a major issue for parents at outdoor youth-league sports, since the light level is much higher than in an indoor arena and also you're probably not using a telephoto. In that case the shutter speed should be quick enough that the subject doesn't move very far during the exposure.

Getting around #1 is the tricky part, requiring practice, and prefocusing so that when the play happens you can just snap the picture. I rarely have gotten decent pictures at sports events and have all but given up on them.
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If you are shooting outside in the sunlight at distances greater than a few feet, you shouldn't be having focusing problems. If you are using autofocus, some object nearby is causing the autofocus mechanism to focus in close. Perhaps you are pointing your camera down just before you raise it to take a picture. If you keep your camera held at the same angle you would normally shoot at, the camera focus should already be set - basically at infinity. Shooting outside in the bright sun at objects more that a few feet away should always be in focus. This is because the aperture should be stopped way down increasing the depth-of-field - the range within which objects are in focus - in this case a few feet to infinity. If you have the option to manually set the focus, you should be able to set it to infinity and have no trouble shooting sporting events. Of course you need to remember to reset the manual focus after you are done shooting.

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BobF, - you appear to have misunderstood my post. ;

Quote "You mention using 400 film. Do you know how to set your DX 6230 to that speed?"

- I am using the 400 film in my Mamiya 35 mm. The 400 speed has no correlation to the digital DX 6230. As far as I'm aware you cannot set speed on any of the cheaper digitals.

Quote "how do you know those other cameras are $1000 - 1500?"

- I have seen them in the camera stores . Please note I said "after lots of research"

Quote "most of the people who buy $1000 digital cameras have no clue on how to use them."

That is EXACTLY the point I am making. Many people confuse paying more money with getting a better product. ( and most of them can't even program their VCR)

-In a nutshell - I was simply RECOMMENDING the DX 6230 as a good cheaper digital . I am not knocking digitals, but saying you cannot expect the same kind of action shots -not altogether depending on the photographer, more on the shutter.
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I had the chance to run across a DX6340 that some of my family owns. And it preformed well for a more affordable digital camera. The shutter lag was not that bad at all. And the pics we printed form it looked good for a 3.1 Megapixel camera. It is not the DX6230 yall are talking about but I bet they are close.
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camera choices

well i am confused as to what you are really wanting. but here are my choices for a film camera and for a digital camera. first the film the CANON T1 for under $300.00 at walmart (about the best price). the digital would be a CANON 20D for about $1300.00 with lenses and card from ebay (the best price) now for the goods; the T1 film is about the best goof proof camera i own as far a film it is fast and has 7 focal point oh yeah so does the digital 20d and it produces the pictures for right now use on the computer.
but these are my personal faverites. in my arsonal of cameras i have both of these as well as a Mamiya 645, an older eos canon 35mm, a minolta 35mm, a sears k1 35mm manual use, and a pentax 35mm manul use. i love my canon t1 and 20d and they are the most used.

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