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Printer Resolution

Is the resolution of the printer going to make a huge difference in the prints?
My parents have a max res of 4800 x 1200. I used this to print 4x6 and 8x10 pictures from my 5mp camera. It was only a $100 printer, but the prints looked good.

Now, I'm looking to get a photo printer. I have found some photo printers in the $180 range that have a max res of 5760 x 1440. Can this price be justified?

What should I really look for in a home photo printer?
I would like to spend about $100, but could spend as much as $200 if I thought that the pictures would be so much better.

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Resolution is important but it's not everything.
You have to be able to make a comparison on not just resolution, but how the prints actually look and what features the printer has.

I just bought a new printer and had a really hard time trying to sort out the features of them all.

What made it simple for me is that I am in a small rural town with limited availability of computer components.
I decided to buy a fairly inexpensive printer and let the photo lab print the prize winning ones for me.

What I did was regularly check out the stores to see what models were available in my price range and then do extensive research to see which were worth buying.

I'm not an advocate for Epson but when I checked out the mod C86 one of the shops had, this unit had mostly good reviews on picture quality. It also had separate ink tanks which I wanted and is fairly fast.
It can also do borderless prints up to 8 1/2 x 11.
The prints are not what you would get with professional processing, but the prints I've made look just fine on our walls.

I would suggest you shop around and come back home with some model numbers of ones that interest you and do some investigating.
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GregH has some really good points there. However, one excellent point that he forgot to mention is that the Epson cartridges are cheaper than most to refill. If you're printing lots of colour , you'll go through lots of cartridges and refills are less than half price of new ones. In my area new Epson ccolour is $39. 50 - refill of it is 14.95.
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Printing 4x6 at home costs about double what most photo places charge. I get the paper and ink at a discount and it is still cheaper for me to have it done elsewhere. I still print pics at home. There are times you just want one or two and its not worth the hassle to save a dollar or two.

You won't notice the higher resolution on a 4x6. You might notice it on an 8x10. One guide - what resolution do you use on your camera?

Look at a printer that has fade resistant inks.
What else are you getting for the money? You can get a darn good printer/copier/scanner for $180.

As for Epson - I don't have a good opinion of them. I prefer HP.
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I entirely agree with Bob in that printing pics at home is not a money saving venture.
I must also say that I believe most printers are good, and that you will find as many ownership stories as there are printers.

I use, and could recommend you do too, the search function to get unbiased reviews on printers, or any component for that matter.
You have to discriminate between a manufacturers own review and one that is not afraid of giving a negative report.

Here is a link to the search term "photo printer reviews" to get you started.
I would take a trip to a retailer, jot down a few model numbers and go from there.

I personally am looking for a digital camera and am using this method to help sort out the seemingly endless variety.

Let us know if this helps.
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Smile Epson Stylus Photo R800 printer has more than Magic inside.

We found this in a refurb with full factory + 3 years, for $220.00 at Office Depot. I can not describe with words how nice the pics come out. After returning 2 HP printers & a not so inexpensieve scanner in the last 2 years we are through with HP for awhile.

Now mind you our NT printer that serves 4 PCs is an 895cxi, I paid $400.00 for back in 98 & has only needed ink. However HP does not build the same quality in there Scanners or Printers that they once did. Their PCs ? we build our own Grapics PCs, & build them for the work we do.

Epson Stylus Photo R800
8-Color UltraChrome™ Hi-Gloss Ink for over 100 years lightfastness
Industry's smallest 1.5 picoliter ink droplet
Prints a 5" x 7" as fast as 45 seconds

If you check around you may find a good deal on an Epson & remember a refurb can only be used less than 30 days before it can be a refurb. My friend at OD took this one back because the guy could not find out how to shut down his running programs before trying to load the scanner software.

Good luck in your search you will get many opinions. When I charge someone to scan & print their photos. I want what I believe is top quality hardware, the kind that I would like to have my own prints done on. Things change so fast you must read the independant reviews to get at the truth.

I could save money by not buying Nikon Scanners but it's very true you get just what you pay for.

PS: Can O Worms. The guy who sold us our first printer the HP 895cxi had just 1 tip. Do not try to save $ on ink refills or it will cost you more in the long run. It's a hard lesson to learn but this is just what I have seen with my friends printers who chose the refill route. Funny everyone of them today will tell you now, to not ever run refills. It cost them a new printer, or a lot of $ to clean & repair their printers, to learn this lesson.

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