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Question help with project

No one seems to reply to this in the crafts forum so I thought maybe one of you guys had done a similar project with photographs.

ok, i'm doing this huge project where i want to somehow attach a huge collection of magazine covers to several canvases. i've been advised to color copy them but i really would like to use the original covers.

i bought this stuff called aleene's instant decoupage and i tried to follow the directions but the magazine's edges started curling up and had bubbles all under it. so then i thought maybe i'll just spray mount the covers to the canvas and then seal over them with the decoupage medium because the main thing i want is for them to have a smooth finish and not look like i taped a bunch of covers to a canvas. but then i talked to a guy who said aleene's decoupage stuff is no good. he suggested krylon varnish spray or something.

does anyone have any other ideas about how i could go about attaching these covers? would elmer's glue in water really dry clear over a bunch of dark magazine covers? do you think the print from the other side will show through when i get them wet? do you think that overs years of moving these canvases from apartment to apartment (i'm 20) that the pictures will become brittle and flake off? i really don't want to damage the covers.

all input would be greatly appreciated!
thanks a lot!
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Get a few old expendable magazines and experiment.
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I would think the spray adhesive would work. I had to do something like that (not to that extent) in an art class, and I used the canned spray adhesive. It's still sticking 13 years later.
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As much as I hate to destroy your idea. The probability of all of the covers being a consistant material is not good. In all probabilty, ELMERS would do the job but, what you need to do is to really dilute the adhesive to almost a thin syrup consistency. Apply the medium with a brush, attach it to whatever mounting board you choose then that opens another whole can of worms.

What I feel you need is a GOOD copy of your originals that are all of a consistant material and mount onto a consistant media over the length of time you wish to generate this (weat I call , a collage) project.

Once you have a few things that are consistant, then we can help you make some serious choices.


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