Sony Cybershot Digital Camera DCS-W1 ???


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Question Sony Cybershot Digital Camera DCS-W1 ???

I am having difficulty understanding the memory stick compatability for my Sony digital camera. It is a brand new DSC-W1. I want to upgrade the memory stick to at least 512mb. The owner's manual says if the stick is "MagicGate" equipped, the stick has encryption technology. Quote from manual, "Data recording/playback the requires MagicGate functions cannot be performed with this camera." Does this mean I can't use this type of memory stick? Or does it mean I can't utilize the Magicgate function?* *Which I don't care about if my pictures are encrypted. Also, I prefer to download the photos soon after rather than leave in the camera. I 512mb enough? Or should I move up to 1gb? Doofus needs help!

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I'd go with the Memory Stick Pro. The size depends on how many pics you'll take and whether you do fine or standard resolution. Also depends on your budget.
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Hey Bust. From what I read, MagicGate is encryption technology used to prevent unauthorized music (mp3) copying, so you don't need it, and can't use it anyway. Apparently, if you legally download a song (with magicgate encryption) and make a copy, MagicGate erases the original.

You can buy memory sticks with or without MagicGate and they will work fine. As far as size goes, as BobF stated, it depends on how many shots you take at any given time, and the resolution you shoot at.

Myself, If I wanted 1 gig, I would buy two 512mb sticks. That way, if something happened to one, I would still have the other. Just a thought.
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Thank you, gentlemen. Your information has educated a doofus.

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