Agfa 1680 LCD screen trouble


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Agfa 1680 LCD screen trouble

Hi I have a 1680 agfa , and my lcd screen is black and shows no image , it still takes pictures but i have no reference and have to guess .

If I place it under bright light such as a reading lamp or bright sunlight , the logo agfa when turned on is visable , so are the options screen with the many options , but this is only if I place it under bright light and still it is barely visable .
Do I need a new screen ? can I fix the one I have ?
thanks for any advice
7 towers
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7 towers,

I would suspect your 1.3mp camera which started production in '98 may have seen its last days.
There is nothing that is user serviceable in these things and I suspect that parts would be hard to come by.
My suggestion is to see if you have to pay for an estimate of repairs and take it from there.

Let us know what you find out.

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Will Do!
Thanks for responding

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