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Anyone have any experience scanning in 35mm slides and then producing prints? I have only a HP 3300C scanner to work with.

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I am not familiar with this scanner.

You will get best results if you use a slide/negative scanner, or if you at least use an adapter for slides and negatives for a good quality scanner. Generally speaking, you won't get good results with run of the mill inexpensive scanners.
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I use my digital camera with a slide attachment. I use the white balance screen to make sure I have the proper lighting, snap the picture and then upload it for editing if needed. You can't tell the difference between a normal picture and a slide... If the slide was in good condition. If you have a bunch of slides... This may be the way to go!
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You will need a scanner with a transparancy adapter as was said.
You need to have the light coming from the back of the slide and know of no way to do it without having the attachment for your scanner.
I couldn't see that one is available for your scanner and being only 600 dpi would not make a very big print.

If you are considering a new scanner, I found a 2400 dpi HP 4570c scanner with a lighted slide film adapter for around $125.00.

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