Negatives to digital

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Negatives to digital

I have about 150 to 200 advanced film system cartridges (Advantix, not 35 mm) that I would like to convert to digital files.

I have an hp 4670 scanner with a slide attachment that works well for 35 mm slides, but it is not designed for the Advantix system.

I don't worry about the conversion of negative to positive since I currently use Paint Shop Pro v. 9.0 and have handled this before.

What have others done with this problem?

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Sorry, I only know enough about Advantix to be dangerous.

What I do know is that once processed, the Advantix film is wound back up in the original canister.
In order to maintain the integrity of the canister you will need to use a scanner that is equipped to unwind and return the film to the canister.
I do not know if these scanners will somehow retrieve the magnetic data that relates to the pictures.
The fact that the negative is slightly less than an inch high, I am not sure if breaking the canister and using an adapter for your HP scanner would be feasable.

Having as many negatives as you do, looking for the proper scanner may be your best alternative.

Sorry I can't tell you more.
Let us know how you make out.
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Smile Film scanners are well worth the money.

I got the scanner with the adaptor. If I learned just just 1 thing in my scanning class it was the 1st thing the instructor said. Never use a flat bed scanner for film or slides. I of course spent over $400.00 on a flat bed to prove him wrong.

I lost, but was lucky to sell my new flat bed to a friend & only lost 40 bucks. In this game you need to use the right tools to get good results & flat beds are for photos, & the film/slide scanners are well worth the extra $.

Hope this was of some help to you. Check E-Bay for some real great deals most are used once, & they don't need it anymore.
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Negatives to digital

I have use my hp 4670 ($175 at O.D.) for 35 mm slides and negatives and am happy with the results. I have done about 2,000 of these so far. I am quite fussy and do a lot of restoration of old photos so I always take too much time. Between the high resolution possible and my software I am happy, but I wish I could find something as acceptable for my Advantix orginals.

The hp 4670 also has a nice feature of being able to make up to 5 or 6 scans of a large document (map, portrait, etc.) at high resolution and stitch them together to create a really, really, really big file that you can play with. Not the usual, but fun if you have the horsepower.

Still looking for a way to use my 4670 and the best route seems to be to make an adapter for the 35 mm film holder.

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A few tips for scanning.

For those who want to scan their own film e-Bay can put you into an $800 film scanner for less than $100. Scan what you want to save then resell it on e-bay. I have 5 Nikons that work everyday & multi DVD burners turning out Family albums. I even got 2 copies of Adobe Photoshop CS on e-bay for less than the price of 1 retail copy. # 3 PC is still running PS6 because I like that ver. best. is a great place to learn all these pro software programs. All the learning movies for $25 a month new movies every month. For best results buy the software you like by trying out the lite versions they give you with your hardware. Burning, printing, & scaning all have powerful retail software programs but they run from $39.00 to $90.00 & makes the whole art of scanning, repairing, & saving to DVDs a lot faster thus more fun.

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Negatives to digital

Thanks for the ideas and help!!

The idea of using a buying proper scanner and reselling seemed to make sense.

After thinking and researching, this could take the place of my current hp 4670 scanner for slides. It works for slides, but I also have about 5000 slides to go through in addition to my 3000 Advantix negatives.

I found a Konica/Minolta Dimage Dual IV scanner. This is relatively a new model, but available on EBay for $200 - $275. During my research I found a friend with the same problem (and as many slides as me) that had this scanner. I bought the APS adapter for $125 and tried the adapter with his scanner. It worked very well and I am pleased with the results (not as good as originals, but no one will be able to tell for 95% of the applications). Good software like Photoshop helps get the most out of it.

It worked so well I that I bought my own Dimage scanner. If I do decide to sell it when and if I am done, I should still come out OK on the scanner. I may take a little more loss on the adapter. Even if I keep everthing, it is a good solution considering the volume I have.

Thanks again for the help!!!

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Thumbs up A small scanning business

Hi Dick

When my Wife & I first decided to start a small scanning & Photo repair business it was not a steep learning curve. It was the cost of the software & hardware that took so long to gather together.

We started by taking night classes at the local collage & left there with a good understanding of what we needed. We started with the PF 3650 w/digital ICE price $550.00 (post my screwup with buying the bed scanner 1st LOL) . Doing Slides one at a time just took way to long, so it was the used once or twice scanners on e-bay that saved our day. Now we can do 50 slides at a time & have a Wacom Intuos 2 6x8 draw pad that this girl got for her Bday but sold it to us for 1/4 of the price of a new one.

I must say it was a leap of faith to go to e-bay for me at first, but we have never had a bad experience yet. Before anyone tries this as a way to make extra $ make sure at least one worker is on disability at home because your spare time is a rare thing indeed. I scan all the time & when the Artist get's off work she spends until 10pm restoring & removing blems & mold on the scanned Tiffs. I also get to burn the DVDs & CVDs I still am having fun but to some it may be very boreing. Once you do a good job for someone it did not take long before we were swamped by retires wanting to save their life in Pictures to DVDs for safe keeping. I hope more young people either do it themselves now. Or have their family pics put on DVD now, & not wait until mold & time causes them to pay much more later to have it done.

We make house payments & feed ourselves with what we do, & I have no grand plans of making it rich LOL. Sat & Sun we spend in the Forest taking 35mm pics for our own life memories, & we can also afford that, thanks to all those nice people selling their Nikons & lenses on e-bay. It's a life, & not too bad at that, & we are also helping those yet unborn, get that chance to see pics of their Grand parents & even their great Grandparents someday. DVDs in archives are good for 200 years. Who knows what we will have in just 10 years it may last for 500 years

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Selling your scanner now ? :-)

Hi Dick,
OK, quite a few years later - I'm reading through this thread and glad to see there is an OK option to scan Advantix films... ********I was debating buying an adapter for my flatbed scanner, but it seems to be a bad idea... and $100 for a piece of plastic is making me cringe. Thanks for your feedback.
Caroline, Quebec, Canada

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Welcome to the forums.

That thread is almost ten years old. I would doubt the item would still be available. The best way to contact Dick is to click on his name and then select private message.

We'll send this thread back to the searchable archives. If you need further help or have a question please feel free to start a new thread.
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