I'm really confused

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Question I'm really confused

Ok, well I am wanting to get into photography. I've been looking for cameras for weeks, but i cant seem to find what I want.
I know I want an SLR Digital Camera. But I dont want it to be a film camera. I want it to be fully digital. I also want to have a setting for black and white pictures, because I prefer them over color. I dont want to pay thousands of dollars either. I'm lookin for something no more that 300 bucks. Someone please tell me where I can look for a camera like this, I really appreciate it.
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I'm sorry but your price bracket will barely buy you a decent point and shoot digital let alone an SLR digital.

You will have to check in your area on prices but here is a Coolpix/4100 that is a point and shoot that has many manual settings including black and white.
Here is a Canon A75 that is similar to the Nikon.
There are other makes of cameras that could be as good as these but at least it gives you something for comparison.

If digital photography is new to you there will likely be a few accessories you will need in addition to the camera. An important one is photo editing software and a larger memory card.
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Greg is correct. You will not be able to find an SLR digital in your price range. The cheapest one I've seen is a Canon EOS for around $700. Then you will have to still spend additional money on accessories like memory. If you've got $300 to spend I would recommend something like the Canon A95 which you should be able to get now for around $275. You would still need to get additional memory for $20 -$50. But I don't think you can go wrong with either a Canon or Nikon. Both of these companies have been in the photo business a long time.

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Good call on the A95.
It is a model available here but it's price in CDN dollars is above his budget.
I am familiar with the A series because when I bought my first digital, the A-40 model available at the time had the most manual adjustments of any p&s camera of the day.
I had $500.00 CDN to spend but when I went to pick it up, the Fuji 2800 2 mp, 6x optical zoom took a price drop from $800.00 to $500.00.
That 6x zoom didn't take much thought coming off a semi-pro film camera with a 28 - 200 zoom.
Still stuck to a mega zoom camera when we bought our new one and couldn't ask for more.

A95 Review
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I'm really confused

I have a Minolta Dimage Z1 (3.2 MP). I think you would classify it as an SLR. It have 10x optical zoom that works quite well. Using the digital to get to 30x is barely OK and not desired unless absolutely necessary. For my use, the 1.6 inch focus on the macro feature is good for my use. I have shot between 5,000 and 10,000 photos with it and have found it very useable and well worth the money. The fairly slow focusing and shooting bugs me a bit for the automatic mode. The Minolta is good for the money (about U$ 150-200 on EBay).

It is a far cry from my good old solid and heavy Cannon FTb and Cannon AE SLRs with interchangeable lenses, but it a different animal. The greater weight of these is a benefit for the telephoto shots, so I use a monopod frequently with the Minolta for long shots.

Perhaps if it had more metal showing and was heavier it would get more respect.

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A new Dimage Z1 if still available is a bit out of the price range but used could also be an option.
This camera along with the Nikon 8800 we just bought, are not SLR digital cameras but are often referred to as "SLR like".
To be considered a digital SLR it must have a removeable lens.

Your comment on the use of digital zoom is correct but I would go further and say do not use it at all.
The amount of noise that is introduced into the picture is much greater than if you took the picture at full optical zoom and cropped it in Photoshop.
Also, if you were going for an effect when using zoom, perspective and depth of field do not change in digital zoom.

If lilpunkddance would eat beans for a month or so the sacrifice to get a 10x zoom might be worth it.
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Smile But I dont want it to be a film camera.

When the Camera companys have just started making SLR Digital only lenses & we are seeing the digital evolution as it grows. Well I want a Digital Camera too, but I learned something by building PCs.

Don't rush to pay $200.00 today when in 6 months it will cost $75.00. At this time & I can only say this is the right thing for me today. I use 3 Nikon Film SLR bodies, however after the film is developed I scan my B&Ws & Color film into Hi Resolution Tifs or PSDs. The results are stunning, & I just print a paper 5X7 or an 8x10 no problem.

I want a Digital SLR that uses lenses made for digital bodys only, & I want to pay lets say 5 to 7 hundred for the body. The lenses do the work so they should cost the same as a lens for a film body costs.

Buying a good EM or FE Nikon I feel safe buying off e-bay. I can repair these bodys, but with all the electronics in todays digitals well I want that extended waranty with my digital camera & lenses.

I wish you good luck in your search, I believe in 5 years we will have Digital Camera's that will fill the needs of most the Amature Photographer's price range. The film I use today is way past what we shot just 20 years ago, then when I scan it through my Nikon film scanner. Well I feel like I am getting digital pictures from my future dream Digital camera today.

Happy shooting

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