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I'm planning to set up a small photo lab in my house but I don't know what to do with used chemicals (developer, fix etc.)

I can't just pour them down the drain, I don't want to contaminate the water or anything.

In school we had special containers for used chemicals but I don't know where they took them after they were full.
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When I had a b&w darkroom several years ago I called our rural town engineer about disposal and he said that the municipal system could handle it so just dump it down the drain.

However, I just did a quick search and see that these chemicals should not be disposed of in this way.
The recommendation is that you save the chemicals in a plastic container and find a place that will accept it.
You could likely purchase a 20 litre/5 gallon water container for a reasonable price that would last a while before emptying.
Maybe you could check with your local treatment plant or municipal authorities on what to do with them.
Let us know what they require.

It's nice to see someone working with film.
I only just last year got rid of my darkroom equipment and it was hard to do.
What kind of processing will you do?
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I haven't worked with film in about 2 years (since I graduated college) and I miss it so so much so I finally decided to start it up again and asked my parents for an enlarger for my birthday I'm just gonna be doing just basic black and white, 35mm and medium format.
I've been mostly doing digital and developing commercially but it's definitely not the same. Plus I don't like to give my BW film to other people, I figure if it's gonna get messed up I should be the one that does it So I have a whole bunch of rolls that need developing.

I guess I'll have to call around my township and find out what to do with the used stuff.

I'll let ya know what I find out.

Thanks so much for the advice!!

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