Digital SLR instant exposure?


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Digital SLR instant exposure?

In my experience, digital cameras have a slight delay between when you push the button and when you get an actual exposure. This seems to be true even when you hold the button halfway down before shooting. I take a lot of action shots and need the picture to be taken the moment i push the button; can anyone recommend a digital SLR that does this?
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The new Canon digitalRebel XT is supposed to be very fast.

Another solution is to better anticipate the shot or take a 3-4 shot sequence. Even with a film camera, you have to allow for your reaction time. Been there, done that. Best example is the jump ball that starts a basketball game. If you wait until the ball is at its peak, you're too late, even with a film camera. You need to anticipate and start the shot sooner. With practice, you CAN do it.
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Digital SLRs are like film cameras. Instant exposure.
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Sorry cp, but only a few digital cameras are instant. The shutter lag time on digital cameras is huge! The poster was concerned about lag time, not the time it takes for the camera to analyze and select the proper exposure (shutter speed and aperture).
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The new Canon Rebel XT seems very fast to focus and shoot.
I have tried the "burst" feature while shooting to control the shutter speed and it seems to work very well. Depending on what parameters you set, it can take as many as 14 shots in a row, very quickly.
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I have a Nikon D50 and I love it. I had the same frustration you expressed and finally took the plunge. I also hear the Canon Rebel is nice as well. I had Nikon AF lenses already so that helped my choice. I'm told by some pros that Canon lenses are little faster at following focus. Good luck

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