Who has the hot buy on the Rebel XT?


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Who has the hot buy on the Rebel XT?

I played with a Canon Rebel XT with the standard lens, 18-55MM the other day. Big mistake!
So, without playing games with the NY and NJ hucksters, who has the best online price, silver or black body, with the lens right now?
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Too Late! I just went out and bought one.
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Wow! Siix hours from fever to breaking point.

Let us know how you make out with it.
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I got the Rebel XT on Friday. It replaced my G2.
What a camera. Of course it's an SLR so it will use almost all the Canon lenses should I want them. The reviews I read says this camera actually compares favorably with the EOS 20.
After reading the reviews I decided to go with the standard EF-S 18-55mm lenses that you find packaged with it. I would have like to have had the EF-S 17-85MM but that lenses is about $450 right now so I passed.
This camera is really easy to use. It reminds me of the old Canon and Nikon Film cameras that I had. Very fast focus. .2 seconds startup time. Switching to manul focus is a quick flip of a switch on the lense itself.
The only thing that I have found so far it that the internal flash will tend to wash out your picutre just a little if you are to close (Minimum focus). But it's much better than the G2 was. Using my 420 Speedlite the picture is perfect.
The AF system is great and it learns very easy. The battery is smaller with less amp hours of capacity yet it gives you 300-500 pictures on a charge.
The metering system is much improved over previous models too. Much more precise. And it even has a feature on it that if your subect starts moving back and forth it will sense that movement and predict where the subject will be for the photo. Every tried getting a terrible 2 year old grandson to hold still? I can't wait to try that on him!
I think the only thing I am not fond of so far is that this is made of a high grade plastic. I am used to the metal cameras in a good camera but I sure won't miss the wieght as this one is only about 1 1/2# with the lenses mounted.
This will be nice to have for retirement travel.
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really glad to hear its a great camera. I just bought (last night) from ABE's, the CANON XT REBEL with the SIGMA F3 lens package.. got the Kingston High Speed 1Gb CF card and a UV filter... really looking forward to trying this baby out.. now I've got to find a market for my Nikon.. wish the lens would transfer over to the CANON, but I hear these new cameras have to have the auto lens types.. and the old NIKON was "all manual"...

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