HP 433 file size trouble


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HP 433 file size trouble

I have a not so old HP 433 camera. at first the pics were 1.44 megs and now they are only like 650-870 KB,with a few over a meg anybody know why????
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That's usually caused by changing the file size from "large" to "medium" or the quality from "superfine" to "fine".

There will be minor variances due to contrast and colors in the pic. If more of the pic is similar, the software can compress it more.
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well, yes I forgot to say that it's on the same quality setting,
On best it used to be 1.45 or so, and it went down with out our changing anything,
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Here is a link for your camera's quality settings.
Even though you may not have changed anything, sometimes computer controlled equipment messes up.
The 650 to 870 meg file size corresponds roughly to what the "better" setting for your camera would render.

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