Printer ink sources


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Printer ink sources

I'm interested forum members thoughts on non-manufactures ink suppliers.
I see ads from sources that r-fill ink cartridges and manufacture their own
for much less in price than the printer makers.
What do you folks think about this?
I'm leery about gumming up my printer with a alien and low level product to save a few bucks.
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We use remanufactured toner cartridges in our office - no problem. We still buy new ink cartridges because we haven't found a deal on remanufactured that was good enough to switch. If the deal looks good, I would buy one and see how it goes.
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Thanks. I have a friend who just told me that he uses them,but occasionaly gets a bad cartridge. he also says he sends it back for a refund or exchange. I don't think i want the possible hassels for maybe $2 -$3 savings.
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I have had nothing but grief from refilled cartridges.
The first one I had ruined a good HP printer when the contents of the black cart leaked into the printer.
Having a short memory I refilled a cartridge for the above's replacement and the color was way off.

A waste of time and money IMO.
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I agree. Thanks
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I bought the 3 colored ink cartriges for my Cannon printer from They are probably refills and I have only printed a few photos so far but the colors seem to match perfectly so far. They were $15 shipped for all 3 vs. about $25 at the local membership club store.
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After Market Inks


Yes! They are cheaper.

In the long run, guaranteed, you will screww up you ink jets!

let alone the fact that you have just totally destroyed whatever the manufacturers PROFILE for that ink was.

In fact go even a step farther than that!

All manufactureres have what is called an R & D department
(Research & Development)

They have specifically designed that printer to be used with THEIR ink and THEIR paper.

YES! They'll all give you what you think is a GREAT final image.

I tried several years ago (maybe 8 -9 years) printing with my brand new EPSON printer. AWESOME photos. I ran out of paper, so I went to the local source of goodies and came home with some Hewlitt Packard paper. I printed an 8" x 10" image onto an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. I left it on the table and went out. About 6 hours later, I came back with a customer ready to BRAG about how GREAT this new digital stuff is and the blue ink had bled completely into the totally white border.

You KNOW that I didn't make a sale to that customer!

I print with a 36" LARGE FORMAT plotter. The Manufacturer is ENCAD.

A leader in the commercial indusrty.

It cost me about $120 to buy one of their inks and I have to buy all four colours. CMYK

One of my staff did me a huge favor and saved me hundreds of dollars and bought some AFTER MARKET inks for about $29 per colour. Talk about substantial savings.

WRONG! Within 30 days after printing a HUGE poster order of about 75 pieces ranging in sizes averageing 36" x 54" --- they had ALL faded so badly that I had to redo the entire order again. Out of MY pocket.

To this day, even tough I made good the damage had been done. This client has not ordered ONE thing from again!


I hope you get the point. DON"T SCRIMP!

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Hello: daswede

Original question was "Printer Ink Sources."
Not refilling your own...unless I missed something????

Sources for pre-refilled carts are available in the "Related Ads" to the right.

Used at the offices where I actually work (DIY is where I create & manage) and rarely ever any problems.

Refilling your own carts?...I never had any good luck doing so.

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Thanks. I'm still up in the air on this one.
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ink cartidges

Sharp advice

You are probably correct as far as using
"aftermarket" inks in the office atmosphere.

When I depend on working with graphics and "MATCHING" colours from one printer to another, it just doesn't work. The colour profiles are completely shot!

Within the office, in general, I would suspect that the majority of the inks used is the black ink. When the colours are used, they really work well but, my basic question has to be looked at, is that if a file comes in to you from an outside source, the odds are that the ABSOLUTE colours will not match. Nowaday, there is a fairly new plugin for Adobe Photoshop referred to as the PIM plugin. This is: PRINT IMAGE MATCHING.

As long as the camera that shot the original carried the data, ANY printer with PIM capabilities can totally match from one to another. However, with the aftermarket inks, I don't think that it'll fly.

That's just my opinion though as was taught to me by Adobe.

On the flip to all of that, using aftermaket inks just makes your printer susseptable to the impurities that the aftermarket inks carry and they will always clog. EVERY single person I personally know that has used the aftermarket inks, loves them, until after a few months, the printer just wants to shut down. The last time I used aftermaket ink and my jets got clogged, I immediately switched back to original MFG inks.. It took two complete cartridges just FLUSHING out the clog, and it NEVER did completely clear out.

I am so sorry with my attitude being so adament but when I have to go out and buy a NEW printer just because I wanted to save a few dollars, it just don't work for me!

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