film loading malfunction


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Angry film loading malfunction

I was recently taking photos of the stars and when I had 4 exposures left the camera rewound the film without warning. Now when I put in a new roll it automatically rewinds the film and leaves the film icon blinking. Very frustrating! Any ideas?
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My understanding of how the rewind works is that the drive motor senses when the film stops at the end of the roll.
I can only guess that either the sensor that detects the end of the roll is defective or something is jamming the mechanism.
There are also cameras that advance the film to the end of the roll when you close the film door and pull the film into the canister each time you take a picture.

Perhaps you could let us know the make and model of the camera and exactly what happens when you load the film.
Could it have been cold enough when you took it outside that the camera was damaged?
We are in frigid weather right now where we are, how about you?

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