instant printers vs. on-line print service


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instant printers vs. on-line print service

I am still using film cameras. vacation, grandkids, etc. About 10% max of the pictures I take have any lasting interst for me, so a digital camera is definitely on the planning board. As far as printing, what is the difference in quality, longevity, etc. between the dye sublimation 4x6 printers, vs. the various services where you can upload your digital photo and they print it for you. What technology do they print with?

As far as the home printers: Anyone have any preference between Epson Picturemate Express, Olympus p-11, and the newest Kodak (Easy share Plus?)


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I honestly cannot comment on what professional digital print processors use as a technology but do know that dye-sub printers are known for making long lasting prints.

There are a couple of things to consider when deciding how to handle the printing of digital images.
My idea is that although it is important to be concerned about digital print longivity I personally am more concerned about preserving the digital file.
When dealing with film not only do you have a picture that will last generations but you have the original negative that if stored properly will last almost indefinately.
With digital unless properly backed up is susceptible to something as a hard drive failure.
I know, my sister had lost five years of images that she treasured dearly.

I personally am happy with ink-jet prints.
With a regular ink-jet printer I am able to print up to an 8 1/2" enlargement that does not compare in image quality to a dye-sub print when viewed up close, but when hung on a wall at normal viewing distance is hard to tell apart.
How you manage your digital images and what you do with prints is a personal thing so there are a lot of options to choose from.
If you only want to show around your vacation or family gatherings a 4x6 inkjet may be what you need. If you may want to fool with hanging some of your own art on ther wall a full sized printer may be the way to go.

Lots of choices out there and the more research you do, the better solution you will come up with.

If you do search and use terms like "epson picturemate express review" you will come up with many sites that take the time to look at these products.
When searching you need to sort out the sales hype from objective comparisons.
A few review sites I like are ZD net and Steve's Digicams but there are many others.

Let us know what you find out.
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Thanks very much for the comments. I have looked at Steve's, and will check out ZD.

Being probably too old and somewhat of a curmudgeon I have a different take about digital storage! Remember that I started out in the era of 7" reel to reel as the music storage medium!

I also remember 8" floppy disc, then 5", then 3", etc. etc. etc. The storage media will probably continue to evolve, and unless one is seriously dedicated to "keeping up with the Jones's" then your stored photo files will quickly become dinosaurs.

I am aware that the little printers I mentioned will be a fad and newer better models will be out every year, almost. The availability of consumable for the older models may become difficult. BUT, I will have the prints, and the only loss is the few hundred dollars if I have to chuck the machine an upgrade.

Anyway, you can see I have a different slant on things. But I really do appreciate your advice and feedback.
Thank you,.
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Printing pics at home is a convenience, but it is costly. I get ink and paper at a discount but it still costs twice as much to print at home as to have it done professionally.
There is a difference in quality between printing places. If you just have some pics you want a copy of, doesn't really matter. But if you have a lot, try a couple different places.
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Posts: 28 was really good when I was picking out my digital camera. I see they have printer reviews as well that might help you decide.

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