How can I superimpose clip-art on dig pic?


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How can I superimpose clip-art on dig pic?

I would like to take digital pictures of objects and then superimpose an icon or clip art of an arrow pointing to a particular area of the object. This then would be saved as a new picture (.jpg).
I have seen this done in some technical books.
What type of software would be needed for this? Any free software available for this purpose?
Thanks for any help.
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You need photo editing software to do this.
I use Photoshop and can't vouch for any free programs like this.

If you do a search with a search term like "photo editing software download" you may find what you are looking for.
You first might want to search "photo editing software review" to maybe find someone who has done an objective review.
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Go to "" and download "PhotoPlus 6". It is free (not a trial version) and has a decent layer manager. If you want, click the "tutorial" link and download the "PhotoPlus Companion". It is a pdf user manual.

It is not Photoshop, but it is more than most people need, and will easily do what you are looking for.
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The industry standard is indeed PHOTOSHOP.

Doing what you ask is about as simple as pouring yourself a cup of coffee with your eyes closed!

There are MANY ways in PS to do the same thing. This is one of them.

Within PS.

Open your image that you want to ADD to.
Open your image that you want to ADD (such as your ARROW)

Under your WINDOW heading, you must open the "LAYERS"

This will open a "pop-up" somewhere on your screen.

Position your two open images so that you can see them both. With the 2nd image active (simply by touching your cursor on its header)

DRAG the small thumbnail that is showing in your pop-up, ONTO the 1st image.

You have now added the 2nd one onto the 1st one.

POINT: Both files MUST be the same dpi, and the same mode (greyscale, RGB, CMYK, ect). If not, the newly added image will now be the SAME dpi as the one being added to.

In order to position your arrow where you want it you can also do that in a variety of ways.

Holding down the Command key on the MAC and the CONTROL key on the PC will allow you to MOVE your arrow wherever you'd like it

My guess is that the ARROW you are going to add is a jpg or something like that but nevertheless, it's likely to be a FLATTENED file. When you add the 2nd file, (the arrow) the solid background will also be transferred. You will probably want to eliminate it and simply leave the arrow.

In the TOOLBOX (generally located on the left side of your screen, you need to:
Set your TOLERANCE for about 16.

*Touch anywhere with your cursor on the solid background. You will get what is referred to as a set of MARCHING ANTS. This dotted line area defines what will be affected.

Hit DELETE! All of the pixels in the solid area are gone and this file is now a PSD... (PHOTOSHOP DOCUMENT) DO NOT FLATTEN IT!!!

In fact, do this to your 2nd image BEFORE you move it on top of the 1st image!

Getting back to positioning.

Now that your arrow is on top of your 1st image, again,

*CONTROL "T" (PC) will allow you to FREE TRANSFORM. Be careful! DO NOT DO ANYTHING other than ROTATE the head of your arrow for positioning. If by chance you accidently moved the image to a LARGER or SMALLER size,

Hit CONTROL "Z", and that will reverse ONE action ONLY!

If you have what you need now,

Go under LAYER, at the very bottom of the column you may

I hope this helps you

Reading all of this might seem a little overwhelming but within a short time, it'll all come to you very easy.


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