FujiFilm...Pix A360 Strange Message On Display...


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FujiFilm Fine Pix A360 Had Strange Message On Display...Can Anyone Help?

I had my batteries out of my camera today for a while to charge. Well when I put them in, and turned the camera on, It asked me if I wanted to install something (or something like that) and said if so to hook up the power adapter, well I was not at home and taking pictures, so I canceled out and continued to use the camera normally. I have not seen the screen since and have no Idea what it was for, and would like if someone else may have had this happen to them or if they know what it is about and what I need or needed to do. Thanks

P.S There is nothing in the manual about this at all. Thanks
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I own a Fuji camera and have never seen that message.
All I can suggest is that you have a piece of paper and a pen handy and write down exactly what the message says.

"Something like that" I'm afraid is too vague a description when dealing with anything with a computer chip.

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