Tips for new camera owner


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Tips for new camera owner

Just bought a new point & shoot digital camera. Ordered on line, so it is not here yet, expecting it any day. We are traveling very soon.
1) Can you take digital cameras through airport security? any hints/tips on this subject

2) We are traveling to the Grand Canyon. Camera does have photo stitching...... any quick tips about getting beautiful photography with a intro camera?

Thanks in advance for any tips which you can share
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Hello Jim,

Congrat's on your new camera.

I have no first hand experience with x-ray scanning of digital equipment but according to searches I have done in the past they should have no effect.

As far as stitching pictures I would suggest two things.
First you should read up on it and practice before you go.
If you don't you could risk a prize winning photo by messing up.
Second would be to use a tripod to scan across the horizon.
With the cameras I am familiar with, when you take your second picture in stitch mode, you get to see the edge of the previous shot. You then line up the second pic with the first.
If you use a tripod, your in-camera matching is made easier.

This is just my opinion but pictures of the missus in front of a major attraction are often quite boring.
It's nice to see pics of yourselves to prove you were there but you should emphasize only one thing.
Everyone's taste in pictures is different but what I think looks nice is when you align your scenery with the subject and pull in fairly tight on the person.
If you leave enough air around the subject to see some of the background you will have an interesting pic of the person.

The most important till the last.
If you think you might want to print some of your images or make enlargments, make sure you set your camera to take pictures at the highest resolution.
Then, figure out by using the manual how big a memory card(s) you will need to hold the number of pics you plan to take.
There would be nothing worse than running out of memory before the end of your trip.

What make and model is your new cam and how much memory did you get with it?

Any more q's, just ask.
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Get another storage card. Figure on how big you think you'll need and get the next size up. You'll thank me when you get home. Take lots and lots of pics. You can delete the ones you don't want when you get home but you can't go back and take a shot you missed.

Sorry, Gregg, but you can never have enough pics of the family at these places. You don't have to show them to anyone. But believe me - in 30 or 40 years you'll be glad you have them. And your kids will be very happy to have them 50 or 60 years from now. In that time frame, the pics of family will be much more valuable than your own "post card" shots!
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Expanding on a couple of the points:

1. Definitely buy an additional memory card. NOTE: Check the instructions with your camera as pertaining to the stitching mode and memory cards. With my wife's Olympus, in order to do stitching you can only use genuine Olympus memory cards. No problem; the camera came with a 16mb card that we can use if we want to shoot panoramic/stitch shots and we slip in the high capacity card by another maker for routine stuff.

The stitching is pretty cool. You generally don't have to be very exact with the horizon like you would shooting 35mm, but you do need to overlap shots slightly where the vertical stitching will occur. The software will do the rest.

2. When downloading and/or changing cards, etc, be sure to follow the instructions to the letter regarding whether the camera needs to be powered off. In some cases you can lose pictures if you disregard the instructions.

Think we shot about 350 pictures when I took our daughter to Yosemite for a week last summer. I'm an old-school 35mm shooter, but I LOVE digital.
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Hi there, have fun with your new camera!

As far as xrays go i dont think it will effect the camera at all. From a physics perspective we are talking Photons, the same as light. So if the camera isnt in the process of taking a picture through the security scanner i dont see a problem. Not like film which sometimes reacts with the X-rays.

I am still a film shooter, slides. Digital is great dont get me wrong, i wish i could afford a DSLR but there is no contesting that Slides give the best colors and pictures when projecting them.

Anyway... Wow, grand canyon, definitely get an extra memory card or something to store it on, check out some of the big portable harddrives they have specifically for cameras. You'll take lots of pictures, enjoy!
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ditto on the memory card they never come with anything realistic and I just passed through airport security recently with one and no problems.
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Hello Jim,

Lots of good advice here.

Any feedback on what camera you are getting and how much memory you will have with it?
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Sorry - Wasn't on-line over the weekend
We got a Canon Powershot 610 (5.0 MP) - 4x Zoom.
Thought about going 10 MP, and extra gadgets.... but figured start easy, and go bigger if we ever got into the hobby.
Thanks for the tips - Will try to read the manual while on the flight. As far as memory card.... 1GB ok? sounds like I should get two memory cards. Both 1GB, or something smaller?
Thanks again to all
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That's a pretty good camera that has received positive reviews.
It has a good selection of programs and manual adjustments that will allow you to take a wide range of pics.

You should be able to put roughly 390 full resolution/minimun compression images on a 1 gb card.
Give some thought to the quality setting you are going to use.
If you are not concerned about printing many pics you can use lower quality settings to get more pics per card.

There is a train of thought that says you are better off getting more smaller cards in case one becomes corrupt which is rare but can happen................(Been there, done that. )

Click image:
<img src="">
Image credit:
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At 5.0 megapixels you will have resolution to spare. My wife's digital, about 4 years old I think, is only 3.0 mp and gives very good results.

And a quick tip if you shoot any video clips: Keep the camera horizontal; if you trun the camera to vertical on video you will get very nice video clips that play sideways [I have a couple of nice little Yosemite waterfall video clips that run across the screen, LOL].
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I traveled to Brussels a month ago, never a problem with digital cameras and security xrays.. Another thought for you, if you have the memory, shoot in RAW mode.. then you can edit your pic's when you get home and set them for what you plan on doing with them.. your book should explain all of this regarding the RAW format.. but, it takes memory.. another thought on the memory, use the fast memory chips...
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Good point about RAW format (an awesome way to shoot), but his A610 doesn't shoot in RAW. It does however, record video... another memory muncher. I'd suggest getting whatever memory you can afford at the time. You can always ebay it later, but you can't get a shot if you don't have any place to put it

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