camcorder to computer/dvd burner


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camcorder to computer/dvd burner

We are looking to purchase a new camcorder. Any suggestions will be helpful. We are looking to buy one that can some how be hooked up to the computer. We have a an older VHS-C and like it pretty well. We are possibly looking at VHS-C, Digi-8, or MiniDV. Dont really want the DVD camcorder. Thank you for your time.
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Just about all the new camcorders have either a USB or firewire port (or even both). All computers have usb. If the camera has a firewire port and your computer doesn't, its easy to add one.
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Go for a mini DV camera with firewire
USB is a waste of time

Stay away from the mini DVD cameras they are over priced and canít stand vibration

VHS and 8 are really low quality
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VHS and Digi8 are old technology. MiniDV are going to last you much much longer the the two others because it is digital (but still a tape). The picture quality is better too over time. I have a Canon ZR100. It's MiniDV and can be had at a good price. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles like being able to take pictures... but I bought it for video, not a still camera. Good optical zoom (DON'T pay attention to digital zoom - that's a terrible, but popular selling point). You can also get consumer priced cameras with a 3CCD chip. Picture quality is apparent right out of the camera due to having the 3CCD vs. the standard CCD camcorders.

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