HP 945 w/ new lens.


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HP 945 w/ new lens.

I have an HP 945 digital camera and I love it. The picture quality is great. I recently bought a new lens off ebay. It was a cheap lens with the adapter included. The lens I bought is a 2x. My camera has 55mm opening and the lens was a 52mm. I am a complete beginner with camera's. The camera came with 8x optical and 7x digital zoom but I wanted to get just a little closer to my girl on the softball field. When I install the lens I can see the black ring around the viewfinder until I really zoom in. I didn't expect this. Should I have bought a 55mm lens?

This lens was sold specifically for this model camera.

Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. ST.
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When you say the lens on the camera is 55 mm and the lens is 52 mm, how do they fasten to eachother?

If you are seeing a ring as you describe then the lens may not be the right one.
If there are instructions, check to see if you have to set the camera's zoom to a certain level.
Back off on the camera's zoom to see if the ring goes away.

I'll add that using a lens extender may have several negative consequences. In addition to being able to be closer to the action, a natural result of extending the focal length of a lens is that it will deliver less light to the camera.
What then happens is that the camera's automatic settings will slow the shutter speed causing the image to be more susceptible to blur.
The extender will also add distortion to the image, making printed pics not so pleasant to look at.

This camera already has an 8x zoom which when added to an additional lens will make catching any moving object very difficult.

The asa equivalent of a digital camera which is similar to film speed is normally set to automatic.
I own a Nikon 8800 which is similar to your camera and when the asa is set to automatic it will only will drop to 200 and then the speed setting takes over and slows the shutter.
This causes handheld images to be less sharp, even with image stabilization.
When the setting is at 400 you may get more digital noise but I find that this is preferable to an unsharp image because of camera shake.
To see how your camera works at long telephoto settings try setting your asa manually to 400 and see what happens.

Click image:
<img src="http://www.steves-digicams.com/2003_reviews/hp945/945_lens_tiffen.jpg">
Image credit: steves-digicams.com
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Nevermind, my 945 took a crap. It is stuck with the lens extended and will not do anything. Junk.
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For future reference - don't try to jam a 52mm onto 55mm. Get the proper sized lens. And no, don't mess with conerter rings, etc.

Stick with well known brands. There are good after-market lenses for all major cameras.

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