old photo help


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old photo help

i have some old family photos dating back to the 50's that were left on our patio table and a heavy dew over night got them wet. when they dried they were stuck together. what can i do to save them?
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Oh yikes! Here's something I found although I have not tried it myself. I hope it helps...

Wait for another reply though as I could be wrong.

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Another Idea on old phots

Hi, Here is another idea that I have used and works very well. It does require some other equipment. You need a scanner.
I have scanned my old photos and used this program to rebuild my photos. MGI photo suite. Now this program is hard to find on the internet. I was thinking this would be a great program for you to get started on repairing your pics. It is a demo program and I have been using it over the past 5 Years now without a problem. It is a tedious job but the out come is fantastic. It has a cloning feature in it and makes it easy to work with a bunch of pixels at one time or you can do one pixel at a time. That is the tediuos part one pixel at a time. You can save your work as you go so no fear in having to get it done after you just started. Take all the time you need. Oh yes there is also a lot of other features in this progarm as well just to many to list here.

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old photo help

What you do depends on the VALUE of the photos to YOU.

If you have negatives, get them reprinted.

If they are very valuable, take the stuck together photo group to someone that restores photos since you cannot replace them.

The same type of person could separate them using special techniques, but you would be left with photos that may need some scanning and repairing. If you choose, you could do the repairing if you have a scanner and get a good photo program (Paint Shop, Photo Shop, etc.) for about $100, depending on how you buy it. There are some others that are cheaper.

If they are just snapshots with no great value to you, you could soak them in water for a while and carefully and slowly try to separate as best you can. Do not force the separation. With a good repair program you can replace corners, repair tears and remove spots and specks. I have also removed ex-spouses.

Be careful if you get started repairing. - It can be addictive.

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Or contact the Rueters/AP photographers. They can put anything into those pics ;-)
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Sorry if offtopic

But, have you got homepage with your photo?

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