Negative development


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Negative development

This might be a dumb question but I'll ask it anyway.

Is there software that exists that would allow me to use my Lexmark scanner/photocopier to get prints from negatives?
I have around 200 negatives, and taking them to a shop to have them done would cost huge $.
Besides, I'd prefer to store them on my computer anyhow.
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Negative development

To get good resuults, you need a scanner that was designed to scan negatives and/or slides. Some of the scanners come with software that will also color correct (if you want) and automatically remove dust.

Any good photo software can do a good job on switching from negatives to positives. The better programs allow you complete control over everything including color balance, contrast, brightness, scratch removal, sharpness, distortion correction and special effect. You can find very adequate, non-current versions at good prices on EBay, but you always run the risk of cheap copies.

I scanned about 3000 negatives and 200 advanced film system rolls with my Konica Minolta Dual IV scanner and used Corel Paint Shop (was Jasc) software. I also use the software to restore old photos (faded, torn, stained, etc.) and negatives

The Corel is a very good program. Adobe Photo Shop is a very good program also. My scanner is a dedicated roll film/negative/slide scanner with 2200 dpi resolution. Because of the volume, I bought it with the plan to sell it. Since Konica Minolta went out of that part of the business, availability is low and the price has gone up considerably on EBay, but I would never sell it now.

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Concretemasonary pretty much said it all.

A film or negative scanner works by shining the light from the top of the negative unlike a normal scanner which illuminates from below.
You can use a film scanner which is dedicated to this job or buy a multipurpose flatbed scanner that can do negatives.
Some have a slot in the lid and a reflector to redirect the light.
The HP 4570 I use has an adapter with a built in light you place on the bed of the scanner and works well but may not be as fast to use as a dedicated one.

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