Lost Photos, ... is there any way to rescue/recover?


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Lost Photos, ... is there any way to rescue/recover?

From SD/Digital Camera, I got about nine photos.

When I attempted to look at those photos the second time, all photos were gone. Nowhere I could not find. Where did they go?

Probably, I did not save before closing. However, I have NEVER been doing this, ... File < Save < then Exit. Always, I closed after putting photos from the SD and there were always photos available, never disappeared.

What/why did this happen?

Is there any way to recover/rescue those 'lost' photos?
Because, I intentionally deleted those photos on the Camera, as believing there are photos available in the computer when I need to look at, thus no needs to keep photos in the camera.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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There is software available that can read an erased memory card.
When you erase pics from a card it is my understanding that only the file names are deleted which makes the picture files that remain unreadable.
This software can see files that are unnamed.

Here is a freeware program I found but cannot say say how well it works.
If you do a search there are many others.


Let us know how you make out.
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Hi Greg:
Thanks for the response along with the useful web-site.

This morning, after digging through all photo-album which is more than 300 photos in it, ... luckily I found Photos for which I looked. It was quite time consuming, but in the end it's well-worth.

Just let you/everyone on this board know that I found photos eventually after the 'deep, deep digging.'

Thanks again.
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By saving as you have been, the phots are probably just sequentially numbered. If its aphot I want to keep, I do a "save as" and give it a descriptive name. Each name must be unique.
For example, you take a picture of your neighbor Ruth. The first one you save you call it ruth. You must call the 2nd something else, even if its "ruth 2". Better to call it "ruth on porch".

I also have a folder called "digital pics". Under that folder I have other folders with names like "college", "baptisms", "vacation 2006". I save the pictures in the appropriate folder. That makes it very easy for me to find next month or next year.

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