How to store Photos safely

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How to store Photos safely

Over the months, there are more than hundred photos printed with Photo-Printer at my desk.

When I was using Film-development at local photo-shop, there was a nice and snaggly-fit envelope for holding and storing many photos. After that, I have been keeping in wooden chest so that all of those photos able to breathe, not to get in humidity. Now, since I have been printing on my own, there is NO envelope to hold many photos.

I used plastic bags for this purpose, but there is 'wet' feelings on photos, then I am looking for some,nice 'paper' photo-holders similar to one photo-shop using in traditional film-development.

Wonder how others, photo-taking enthusiams on this board store/keep many photos printed by Photo-printer at home?
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Not an enthusiast or pro, BUT....

For storage, use something (like a photo album) that is made for archival purposes. There are materials that are made for this to keep your photos from getting all messed up (ie: fading). Look for materials that are acid and lagnin free.

Store in a cool, dry, dark and well ventilated area.

Also, use the ink and paper specified for your photo printer. They have high quality ones that have different layers for protection. I think most high quality ones would be the "Premium" ones.

Once it's printed, make sure it's completely dry before stacking them on top of each other or storing them.

BTW: That's A LOT of photos!
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DIYaddict's advice about making sure they are dry is good.
I have looked before and there are differing ideas on the best way to store photos.
From what I have gathered where not to store them is on your wall.
An album or shoebox in a cool dry place is the way to go.
I have a very large collection of photos divided into two categories.
Important and not so important.
My important pics are in plastic tubs in a closet off the floor and away from the wall.
My not so important pics are in plastic tubs in an unheated storage shed.
These pics have been in there for many years in temps of between -30 degF and 90 degF and everytime we pull them out there is no change.
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And just as importantly, make sure you have back-up copies of the files on cd/dvd; you can always print new ones as long as you have the files.
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How to store Photos safely

Seconds and thirds on The Toe Guy's comments!!!

I have over 6,000 photos stored on my hard drive and the computer does not weigh any more than it did before I entered them (LOL).

Because they are so hard to replace and copies are so cheap, make several copies and store them separately.

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Unless the paper is acid-free AKA "archive quality" prints will gradually self-destruct in any case.

How long do you want the images to last? If the answer is "a few generations" then standard practice is fine. If you want "forever" then, first of all, the medium itself should be stable; this means acid-free paper, and ink deliberately formulated against decomposition. IMO the best bet today is electronic medium saved in multiple locations, using non-proprietary file format, e.g. low compression jpeg.
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storing photo albums

My elder mother has lots of old picture albums. They are definately not archival quality. We need to store them and are wondering the best way possible to do that. Anyone with any ideas, I'd really appreciate it.

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Welcome to our forums!

All the information that has already posted should apply to your mother's photos.

If they are in albums the best thing you can do for long term storage is to remove them from the albums and put them in acid free envelopes and store them in dust proof containers.
These should be kept in a cool dry place.

Another thing people are doing is before putting in storage they would scan all of them and distribute amongst others who might care about the pics.
This is my plan to deal with hundreds of family pictures.
I have enough pics and slides that an investment in a semi-commercial print scanner would pay off.
Besides, there are so many people in the same boat I am surprised more don't do this and then charge others to scan their pics.

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