What digital camera settings do you use?


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What digital camera settings do you use?

Most digital cameras take excellent pics on AUTO but how many of you take it out of automatic and use the other settings?
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I keep mine in auto all the time except for extreme close up photos when I want to fool around with the aperture settings to increase depth.
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A lot of it depends on what you intend to do with the final result. If you just want to look at them on your computer or post them on the web, the lowest settings (640x480, low quality) are enough. If on the other hand you want to print them, and you want LARGE prints (8x10 or larger), then the highest settings are best (whatever your cameras highest is).

You can have 100 pictures take at little as 100k, or more than 1gb. As a generalist rule of thumb, a final photo that's about 150k in size is often contains enough information for a photo qualify thats good enough for anything but enlargements.
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I shoot M about 2%, Tv about 3% and Av the other 95%. That green button is never dialed in unless given to someone else for a quick shot of something. I use my lenses mostly between f/2.8-4. If I'm outside though....I'll stop down a bit or set a faster shutter.

Canon 20D is what I use and love it. The 40D is crying out to buy it....but, I love my wife and would like her to continue to love me as well
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Yeah what Rapture said (I have the same camera by the way). I nearly always turn the flash off in an auto mode if I use it. Snapshots and photos for work (taking pictures of equipment for manuals I am writing) depends on the lighting and such.
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Most of my pics are closeups for ebay listings or my wood crafts so I use AV on my Canon Powershot for tripod shots, and TV for handheld so I can select a high enough shutter speed without blurring.
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We only use auto with ours and the pictures have been more than good enough for our use - no enlargements yet.
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Just curious to know how many digital users are into twisting the dials.
I resisted the temptation to go digital SLR until the features of the Canon 40D made it impossible to wait any longer.

But, now it begins!

My wife likes photography as much as I do but the Canon L series lenses I am looking at are what could affect our marriage.

Here are some pics to look at.
I got the Great Grey Owl last weekend on a dull overcast day.
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What digital camera settings do you use?

Love the shot of the Gray Owl.

We have had an unusual two year period with many, many grays in the area 50 to 100 miles north of Minneapolis/St. Paul. For some reason they have shifted for food, despite the warmer temperatures than they usually are in. bird watchers from the south are coming from great distances to see them easily.

They are not accustomed to people and are not scared easily. Many are hit by cars on the rural roads because of the unfamiliarity with traffic. - I have a few shots, but not as good as yours. If I could put on "car camoflage", I probably would have better luck. They fly if you get out.

P.S. - Usually (90%) automatic because it is easy and will do reasonably well when someone shots without thinking.

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I pretty much lost my ambition when I set my Nikons ( 5 lens ) down. Shoot my Sony mostly on auto.
I sometime shoot the grandkids football & basketball games
on shutter @ high speed to stop action. Also shoot close-ups
when necessary. I do enjoy digital cameras--no dev. $$$
I store all my photos on cd or dvd's.
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This one was kinda young and we are in a fairly remote area so wasn't afraid.
In fact the wife would have to get out of the truck and wave her arms to get it to fly to get the aerial shots.
It would fly only about 200 feet and land on another road edge tree for about five hops.

This was a good opportunity and got about 125 pictures with the new camera.
Pretty much have reading the histogram figured out.

And ya, developing costs had me not doing too much with film before I went digital.
I was paying almost $14.00 to develop and print a roll of 24 locally.
I could send the film away and after a ten day turnaround pay about $8.00 but what's the fun in that!
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I have gone full circle. Back when I was a teenager I was a full manual photographer. Then when I started traveling a lot I stopped taking photos altogether. Then I got a Canon digital pocket camera and would snap shots full auto. Then I started playing with the settings and eanded up filling a 4 meg card during a week long vacation. Now that I have a digital SLR I take 90% of my photos in aperture priority (AV) mode and about 10% in auto, but I rarely do everything manual.

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