Olympus Camedia digital D-580 ZOOM


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Olympus Camedia digital D-580 ZOOM

Are the batteries and chargers interchangeable for the following- I tried to solve this myself but need help.

1-I ordered a charger + 4 batts + rec'd NI-MH BU-500 charger with 4 - 2100 batts but it takes a 13 hr charge. The 2100's are being discontinued

2-Olympus sent a 5 hr charger BU-400 with 4 - 2300 batts.

3-I would assume all batts can be used with the camera BUT is everthing interchangable? For example:

4-An outsourced agent did his best in English to say they were. Either batt could be charged by either charger.

5- Another, unsure of herself agent, 'felt' a battery should be charged with the charger it came with.
I tend to think either charger can charge an NI-MH AA 1.2 v battery. But would like an opinion, please?
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Yes, you will be just fine using the new charger to charge the first set of batteries.

The only thing I would suggest is that you charge the same capacity batteries together.
You could get uneven charge levels if you mix the 2100 and 2300 batteries.
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That is a good point,i.e. I will charge the same battery type at a time.
Thank you for your help.

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