I dropped by Canon powershot A 75 in water


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I dropped by Canon powershot A 75 in water

While fishing a trout stream, I slipped and fell in. I quickly took out my camera and dried it off and took out the batteries. I placed the camera in a zip lock bag filled with uncooked rice to dry it out.

It's totally dry right now, but It doesn't turn on. My question is : can it be professionally repaired? Is it worth the cost to fix. Should I just buy another one? Thanks, JB
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I'm sure it can be professionally repaired, but you might want to weigh out the cost vs. buying another one. I don't think you would be able to get it back to how it was before (originally) and in the long run it would just eventually just cause you more problems. Once water hits the electrical parts of the camera, I believe they'd just replace the parts. Things could eventually get rusted or the optical part can be messed up. Get a quote on how much it would cost one to fix it and go from there.

BTW: I hope you at least caught a good trout
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Clever idea with the rice! But unless it's been a long time since the incident I doubt the insides have completely dried out.

I just looked up that model: $150 new, ~$50 used. There's no way you could even get someone to take a look at it for that kind of money. Time for a new one if you cannot coax it back to working order by yourself.

If you have not already done so I would open up all compartments that you can (battery, mem card, etc) and let it sit out in the _open_ for several several days.

It's actually a good sign that it does not power on at all. I'd be more concerned if it came on and did goofy things or the opticals were filled with moisture. Which you may end up having anyway.

After all of that if it does not work you really have nothing to lose by taking it apart in an effort to dry it further and take a look-see in there. But since you can get a used replacement for $50 I don't know if it's even worth your time. Certainly not worth a repair charge either way.
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It's time for a new camera

Thanks for the good info. I did catch a few nice trout that day. It's time to upgrade and get a better camera with a waterproof container! Thanks, JB

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