Need lense recommendations for Canon Rebel XT


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Need lense recommendations for Canon Rebel XT

I'm looking to buy the Canon XT body (don't like the lense that comes with it). I'm looking to buy a good lense for this camera. It doesn't have to be Canon brand (could be Sigma, Tamron, or others) that 1) has image stablization 2) take photos of fast moving objects/people 3) great photo quality in low light

My price range is up to $150 and don't mind buying a used lense (from ebay or other sources) as long as I could get the best bang for my bucks, thanks!
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You need to know that you will not get anything close to good for $150.00.
You most certainly would not get image stabilization or a wide aperture for low light/high speed use.

Here is an interesting lens for not too much money:

Click image:

Image courtesy of

If you are wanting to purchase a digital SLR because of being able to change lenses you have to realize that the body is a very small part of the cost of owning this type of camera.

My suggestion would be that if you want to break into SLR technology that you just buy the XT with a kit lens and then work towards improving your lens at a later date.
Besides, there is a lot of choice in zoom ranges where you would be better to know what would suit the kind of photography you want to do.
You might also want to consider spending a bit more to get an XTi model.
This camera has many improvements over the XT, one of which is an automatic sensor cleaner.

I happen to almost be ready to buy a similar camera and I also have found that the included lens is influencing my purchase.
Here in rough numbers an XTi with a standard kit lens is about $900.00.
To upgrade this camera later with a EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM stabilized lens would cost another $600.00.
What I am going to do is wait a month or so until I can afford to spend the $1500.00 all at once where for this money I can move up to a Canon 40D which includes the EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens as its kit lens.
The 40D is very similar to the XTi but has semi-pro features I won't have to improve on for a very long time.
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Question Hey where'd you go?

Did you wind up buying anything?

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