How to make web-photoes Very Sharp?


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How to make web-photoes Very Sharp?

I've been posting some of photoes related to my hobby and noticed some of other posters' photoes are very sharp that has been puzzling me quite a bit.

My Camera is in good quality and also I've been using Microsoft Image/software to make all photoes as sharp as possible. However, my web-photoes are still NOT comparable to the sharp-imaged photoes some of fellow hobby-stuck posters.

Wonder how to make web-photoes Very Sharp and more neat-image?

Thanks for your imputs and help.

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There are a number of things that could cause your pictures to not appear sharp.

Moving the camera as the picture is being taken, wrong camera settings, not enough light and too much processing are just a few things it could be.

Do you have an example of any pics you are referring too?
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If your shutter speed is under about 1/100 sec and you are hand-holding the camera (shooting without flash) a tiny bit of movement will result in a little unsharpness. I use a tripod when ever possible, even at the higher shutter speeds.
Also, a wide lens aperture will result in less depth of field, making most of an image out of focus except for a narrow area at the point of focus.

Both of these situations can be corrected by using brighter light so you can use a higher shutter speed and a smaller aperture. The higher the aperture number, the smaller the lens opening, and more of the image is in focus at either side of the point of focus.

Also, flash is typically 1/1000 of a sec or much better, even, so that will result in very sharp images.

Last, but not least, make sure your lens is clean.
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How to make web-photoes Very Sharp?

When you save the images after changing them, what size and resolution are you saving them at?
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There is also the conversion from Raw to jpg format - that done automatically by your camera is not as complimentary to the final product if a knowledgable person does the exact same process.

shot raw and then process into jpg will give better detail

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