DVD Camera Question


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DVD Camera Question

I want to make a study of my sleep pattern. I would need to record about ten hours of sleep and be able to review the audio and video throughout. I am starting to research what equipment I would need to do this.
Does anyone here know if a standard digital video recorder can handle this type of project? I know I will need a tripod. I am new to photography and have heard of Time lapse and low Lux video, but am unsure what these are and if they apply to my situation. Perhaps, someone knows of a web source for this kind of info?

Thanks for any help that you can provide.

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I would look at security camera type products. Security DVR's can easily record days of video. You can set the number of frames per second and most record the time and date. There are many IR security cameras that can see in very low or no visible light. Most IR cameras emit a dull red glow that you can see if you look directly at the camera, but models are available that are totally invisible to humans. When in doubt get an IR camera that is rated much higher than what you need. If you plan to place your camera 10 feet from the bed, then get a camera that says you can see in the dark to 20 or 30 feet.
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In the mid 70's a person who shall remain unnamed talked in his/her sleep and this person wanted to hear what he/she was saying, so I hooked up a modified (using a transistor and a 74121 monostable multivibrator) Aiwa tape recorder to start up on noise.
The trouble was, it didn't tape the noise that started the recorder because the motor was just spinning up, so if this person coughed the tape would run for a few seconds and there'd be nothing on it.
Anyway, in 9 months of taping it captured 30 seconds of intelligible, grammatically-correct speech which made absolutely no sense to the person once they were awake. It made no sense, period.

Have at it! Watch out for

If you need little electrical interface devices not commercially available I can probably send you prototype designs. You buy parts, build and test. www.Hosfelt.com has some of this stuff, also.

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