Water damaged photographs stuck to glass

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Smile Water damaged photographs stuck to glass

Can anyone help me.

I have some photographs which I was able to retrieve from Hurricane Katrina disaster....and it is a color photograph which is stuck to the glass. 4 x 6 photo.

Can anyone advise the best method of removing the photo from the glass without destroying the quality of the photo.

It has been almost three years..don't know if the amount of time it has been stuck...makes a difference in the way it needs to removed from the glass.

Thank you.
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The most common way to remove a print stuck to glass is to soak it in lukewarm distilled water as long as the picture is from the 40's or newer.
If much older than this the water could melt the emulsion.

There is a product you can get from a photo shop that sells developing supplies called Photo Flow which will reduce the surface tension of the water and make the print dry streak free.
Make sure you follow the directions carefully as you use a very dilute solution. 200:1 I think.

You do take a risk in doing this yourself and if the picture has a great deal of sentimental value paying a photo restorer may be worth it.
If you do anything you should take a scan of the picture first.
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Water damaged photographs stuck to glass

Before you do any soaking, definitely get a good quality scan of the photo through the glass. If anything happens you will have something that can be restored and printed again.

You may think it looks bad now, but it is amazing what can be done. I am just an amateur, but I took and old 1885-1895 11"x14" tinted photograph with a couple of tears, wrinkles, two missing corners and several coffe stains on it and retored it. To me, it looks as good as when it was new, but a professional could do a better job much faster.

After you have the scan made, follow Gregg's excellent suggestions. The Photo Flow will be a big help to eliminate the drying streaks, and it is really not expensive.


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