Best price for batteries?


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Best price for batteries?

Maybe a somewhat off-topic...
I'm using lots of AAA and AA batteries for this hobby and other home applications. I seem to buy batteries when needed for a very high price. I was wondering where one buys AAA and AA brand names batteries for less?
Online research is somewhat difficult as batteries come in various packaging.
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Places like BigLots and Tuesday Morning normally carry brand name batteries with deep discounts and rebates. Recently bought a multipack (18 I think) of AA Duracells for around $6 with a $3 rebate coupon attached.

I'd recommend going with some NiMH rechargables and a quick charger. Thats what I use for my digital cameras and some other devices. Cost more initially but last a long time and with a good charger, can be recharged in 10-15 min. Get extra sets, cause you don't want to recharge or use them when they are warm.

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